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  1. Scubooty

    Project Application: Sweetport Sound (Foster) by StanateeTheManatee

    Being a town and house focused so heavily on the Faith it would be reasonable that the Brothels would have been forced into the less respected parts of town.
  2. Scubooty

    King's Landing Remaster October Update and Plan

    Petition to rename this "KL Redo"
  3. Scubooty

    Immersion Build - Hospital Complex Near White Harbor by Ric and Seri

    When even your maps are in Shaders
  4. Scubooty

    In Progress House Norridge of Whitegrove by Ammika and Margaery

    Damn they really made a nvm manse? Crazy
  5. Scubooty

    In Progress Blackmont by Tsar

    Hey Tsar, here's my app for the Ruined Tower. I can work with the area around it more if you approve the design to make the terrain nice. -Thanks, Scub
  6. Scubooty

    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    I discussed along with Emot and Aeks in game today about getting a possible overlay for the GRASSY SAND block so that it can be used outside of basic Plains biomes. Currently it does not change depending on biome so that is what I am requesting. Included is an image displaying the differences...
  7. Scubooty

    In Progress Project Application - Isle of Faces

    Ric is correct Vhagar is the only skeleton left in the water. Caraxes crawls onto shore and dies and Daemon's body is never found. Aemon's remains were eventually reclaimed from the saddle of Vhagar and they recovered Dark Sister from his skull. The Skeleton of Vhagar is likely too large to be...
  8. Scubooty

    In Progress Project Application - Isle of Faces

    Don't forget there's someone on the bottom of the lake too xD
  9. Scubooty

    In Progress Update Application - District 31

    Thanks Codd, Appreciate the confidence won't let you down! Also in response to your concerns we plan on having the orange bricks start to become phased out for the more Grey stone pallette as you near the base of the hill where the more wealthier citizens live. Additionally, the poorer area...
  10. Scubooty

    Should the overlay pack (or parts of it) become official?

    All I want is Coochie Moss, sorry cushion moss, to have overlay with the Terrainsets
  11. Scubooty

    In Progress Update Application - District 31

    With Cash’s Approval ContraContradict and I plan on leading District 31 of the KL Update. District Description: District 31 is bordered on the South by the Street of Steel with multiple blacksmiths, armorers, etc. It then stretches North around the base of Visenya’s Hill. New Canon As far as...
  12. Scubooty

    In Progress Ruddy Hall on Storrold’s Point Project Application

    Now this may be more for when the actual Hardhome build comes around. However, judging by what we have speculated about the mysterious ruination of hardhome it would be cool to see things along the shore showing signs of volcanic activity. Now I know Aeks you have mentioned black sand but I...
  13. Scubooty

    In Progress Project Application - Isle of Faces

    I agree with Dutch I think seeing some of the proposed terraforming would be great I was also thinking that there could be some rocky outcroppings and/or Dells along the water where it meets the land, I'd also be willing to help in any way with this!
  14. Scubooty

    In Progress Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

    Hey Lem, just wanted to give a lil bump to my Inn test not sure if you saw it.
  15. Scubooty

    Completed Highgarden

    Did you finish that boat in the Mander
  16. Scubooty

    Probation: RavishMeRed

    Hey Ravish the hamlet at frost Warp: [frosth1] is open so the house you did is good to go!
  17. Scubooty

    Completed Project/update application: Norrey

    Redo Deep Lake my guy
  18. Scubooty


    Love it keep up the good work!!