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  1. Enah

    Project Application: House Melcolm of Old Anchor

    Clicky Hello! This better work, GoogleDocs hates me so much.
  2. Enah

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Bandallon

    Bandallon Blackbar The Reach Project Lead(s): Enahsian Build Type: Keep Warp: Bandallon Project Application: Build Status: Completed Start Date: Feb 24, 2017...
  3. Enah

    A new sad era

    i am getting my hair cut. I’m losing at minimum 8inches to donate to make a wig. :/
  4. Enah


    hey, so I’ll be gone from June 8th to June 10th, maybe longer, for vacation. I’m going to Colonial Williamsburg and Monticello. And then it may be a few further days before I’m fully back as I have to house sit for my parents. So, just a heads up. I’ll check forums and watch from dynmap frequently.
  5. Enah

    Highgarden Server Build: Town Edition

    Hello fellow Westerosi! Arkilstorm and myself and the spare builder or two have labored over the past few months to bring you the glories and plenty of Highgarden! We will be opening the main town for building and recording to gather footage for the V&A exhibit. The build will start on Sunday...
  6. Enah

    Things you find in GM 3

    First up, a yuuuuge square of glass beneath paps' manor.
  7. Enah

    Completed Application for House Blackbar of Bandallon by Enahsian

    For posterity, since I hadn't had time to move my old app over. For the puprose of further changes to the project from this date forward. The castle and lands approved by EStoop and Tsarkaiser84, the Town of Blackwell approved by EStoop and AndyJones. So, yea, also I cannot link the app...