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  1. CashBanks

    Jirik333 Builder Application

    Hey Jirik, Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you, feel free to bump the thread if I don't reply within a week. I can see that you've made some good progress with this house, I think there's still just a few areas for improvement: - Hawthorne houses have the roof overhang made of the same...
  2. CashBanks

    House Pyle, by ThaGonx

    Colossal bump, Hey Gonx, we were curious if Pyle was still alive, after stumbling on this thread though I wonder if you were waiting on mod approval before continuing, in which case sorry this got lost! Are you still interested in finishing the area?
  3. CashBanks

    Ghaston Grey by MDMeaux

    Yes we could use an alternative jail to The Pit I mean, great stuff, if LHT is all finished (I saw some ocean terra still needs to be done but not sure if it's part of the wider Shield Islands work?) then approved by me.
  4. CashBanks

    NoriakiKujo Builder Application

    Continued. Here are some examples of the interior detail we try to aim for: I'll give you a few challenges to work on next so you can get exposed to a few different building styles. 1. A net maker in this gray Small Stone Brick/Cobblestone/Small Smooth Stone Brick mix 2. A small farmer...
  5. CashBanks

    NoriakiKujo Builder Application Hey Noriaki, thanks for working on this White Harbor house, You're making progress with things, you've got the size/shape and structure of the white harbor sprawl right. I think there's room for improvement with the stone exterior wall,it's best to avoid the...
  6. CashBanks

    IDontWantIt Builder Application

    Much appreciated, and here are the next steps to follow during your probation. Please make sure to read the New Builder guide here: And also make a probation thread in the probation forum. You can start building at any open locations on the...
  7. CashBanks

    IDontWantIt Builder Application

    Hey IDont, Sorry it's taken me a little while to get back to you, I'd been hoping the forums would be fixed by now as it makes posting feedback pics tricky but let's just make do. This Ale Trader is looking good, it's an appropriate profession for Highgarden and I like the daub facade, block...
  8. CashBanks

    Guppypid Builder Application

    Hey Guppy, Nice work with this Hawthorne house, I think you've done well with capturing the Hawthorne style/block palette and keeping things appropriately modest for a low class house. I think my only main point of feedback is to just make sure you that you add some rafters to the interior of...
  9. CashBanks

    AlexIsTragic Builder Application

    Hey Alex, Thanks for working on those Fairmarket houses, they're certainly good practice! The shape and layout of the Mercer is is very nice, I like the creativity with the dying area in the back. - Only main point of feedback is that it would be ideal if you covered up the slate roof on the top...
  10. CashBanks

    Project application: Ambrose

    Yeah I was originally under the impression Spearwatch was its own project, but if it’s just a glorified NewBarrow hamlet with a fancy name it should be fine, just try to salvage whatever’s not irrelevant/outdated
  11. CashBanks

    Guppypid Builder Application

    Hi Guppyid, Thanks for your interest in Westeroscraft and for taking the time to put together an application. We happily welcome anyone with some creative energy and a passion for Game of Thrones, so you're in good company. I've taken a look at your inn and on the whole, it's a great start...
  12. CashBanks

    IDontWantIt Builder Application

    Hey IDontWantIt, Thanks for working on this White Harbor baker, you're making really good progress. Only a few notes - Size, layout and block choices all look good, I could see this fitting in to the White Harbor sprawl nicely. - Interior details are nice too, the blocks seem appropriate for...
  13. CashBanks

    Mid-Year Contest 2019 - Immersion Builds - CLOSED

    Hi all, Just a heads up that the window to submit your entries to the Mid-Year competition has now closed, and results will be announced before July 31. Thanks to everyone who's submitted, and stay tuned for news about Immersion builds!
  14. CashBanks

    Jirik333 Builder Application

    Hey Jirik, thanks for your application and glad to see you're a big fan of the fantasy genre, I think we've got a Czech builders on the server as well so you're in good company. Your app shows a lot of potential, it's clear you've put some thought into the house, I'll give you some general...
  15. CashBanks

    Regarding Donation

    You can just log on to the server and let a Mod know that you’ve donated and they’ll set you up with the [Title] you’ve chosen. Thanks for donating!
  16. CashBanks

    [APPEAL APPROVED] Project Application: Dreadfort by Banty & SMP

    Dreadfort mini-app - River Mouth Ringfort + Hamlet Plan is for a ruined ringfort, now watch tower with 7-8 houses. Residents are mostly sheep herders and fisherfolk Ringfort test - it's mostly ruins now and they used the stone as bricks for the watchtower at some point and is now used as a...
  17. CashBanks

    IDontWantIt Builder Application

    Hey IDontWantIt Nice work with this Hawthorne house, I think you've done well with capturing the Hawthorne style/block palette and taking on a diagonal house is ambitious too. The diagonal design isn't looking too bad, but here's the pattern we generally follow with diagonal houses, you won't...
  18. CashBanks

    AlexIsTragic Builder Application

    Hey Alex, Thanks for completing this challenge, you've made some really good progress. I'm happy with shape/layout and the exterior block palette/gradients. Just a few notes on the interior details, they'll all be easy fixes. - Try to use matching carpet blocks with shelves, the baskets all have...