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  1. hoosfoos

    New Wiki, Progress Page, and Trophies!

    Hi Dutch I'm not very active these days, but I usually try to keep up by reading the forums regularly. I noticed the pictures for Grandview in the wiki are actually of another build (Crows Nest, I believe and an awesome build it is) I have some screenshots I took upon completion of Grandview...
  2. hoosfoos

    Private Westeroscraft Server

    I've found in the past that using the directions in manually building the westeroscraft client has to links to the files I need, specifically the newest westeroscraft blocks file. The link on that page is where I got the "master folder" Otherwise I just grab it from my client ( that's where I...
  3. hoosfoos

    Private Westeroscraft Server

    I make this post almost everytime westeroscraft makes a major update to the server software. With the update to using Minecraft 1.11.2 here it goes again. As well as being an infrequent westeroscraft builder I'm also a high school art teacher in the real world. Almost as long as I've been a...