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  1. BobWat

    Issues with connecting to the server

    Since the map update, I keep getting a connection issue when trying to join the server, can't continue with my builders app, since I can't access the server.
  2. BobWat

    Dynamic Map Problems

    What's up with the dynamic map, was it updated? 2d works fine, but 2.5d isn't loading for me. I spend hours staring at this map in admiration, what's going on?
  3. BobWat

    BobWat Builder Application

    Sorry for the wait, am kind of busy with school, had to write a paper about procrastination, that made me decide to get this build done. I think the house is really similar to some in the stone dance hamlets, but they all kind of look the same tbh.
  4. BobWat

    Sai Chin Builder Application

    That's the same problem I had, if you have optifine, make sure connected textures is turned on.
  5. BobWat

    BobWat Builder Application

    Some helpful people pointed out my connected textures was off. That's fixed now.
  6. BobWat

    BobWat Builder Application

    What is your Minecraft username? BobWat What is your age? 17-20 In what country are you living? Canada (CDT) Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft? Don't Remember What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF? I absolutely love the fandom's crackpot theory community. My favorite...