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  1. Hal9007

    WesterosCraft Unreal

    Depends on the use case. Grants targeted at WesterosCraft most certainly would be problematic - with it being at the intersection of several different intellectual properties, I'm sure most vendors would steer clear. That being said, grants don't necessarily have to be for games - Epic awards...
  2. Hal9007

    Getting around the block ID limit.

    Been looking into this issue a bit more in the last few days with the hopes of getting a port on the rails - the largest roadblock on this front (and a rather large one) is that Forge and OptiFine are currently incompatible on all versions of Minecraft 1.13+. Again, this has to do with 1.13...
  3. Hal9007

    WesterosCraft Unreal

    Thanks for tagging them on there - going through them, it looks like most will have a significant "data" component and could see testing in just a shell or custom app, i.e. the Relations Matrix, which already has one. It'll be quicker and more preferable to do so wherever possible, and should...
  4. Hal9007

    WesterosCraft Unreal

    No worries - glad to see you back around Thamus, and also glad to see that the team found some new footing. Here's the link to the Trello. You should still have access to modify it, though I personally haven't posted updates to this board in quite a while...
  5. Hal9007

    Getting around the block ID limit.

    In the interest of not derailing this thread, my up-front recommendation (or my hope, rather) for this particular issue would be to try and push the production server to at least 1.13. I know you've brought up UE in both this thread and the other - I apologize for not really putting my work on...
  6. Hal9007

    Large Scale Renders?

    Rendering simple Minecraft scenes is fairly straightforward, and you'll find a number of tutorials covering how to get started with it - there are free options for all the software required to just get a render out (such as Blender, as mentioned above). If you're looking to get renders of small...
  7. Hal9007

    azzzzzr Coder Application

    Hey azzzzzr, Sorry about the coder application setup - we've navigated our website to a new platform and quite a bit has changed! Great to hear your interest in building RPG plugins, though, and thanks for applying regardless - we'll likely be spinning up a RPG test server soon to begin...
  8. Winterfell


  9. Winterfell


  10. Winterfell


  11. Deepwood Motte

    Deepwood Motte

  12. Ironoaks


  13. The Eyrie & Alyssa's Tears

    The Eyrie & Alyssa's Tears

  14. Gulltown


  15. King's Landing

    King's Landing

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  17. Castle Lychester

    Castle Lychester

  18. Castle Black

    Castle Black

  19. Castle Black

    Castle Black

  20. Castle Black

    Castle Black