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  1. Thamus_Knoward

    Witchcraft and Wizardry

    Guys, treat yourselves to a superior Minecraft Experience and donate graciously. Check out these plants!!! Check out these vendor signs!!! The wear and tear on this facade!!! This portal!! So do yourselves a favour and get it here:
  2. Thamus_Knoward

    Terraforming Guide - Cliffs and Erosion

    Found this gem on Imgur:
  3. Thamus_Knoward

    [Map Repository] Real Places

    This thread should give us an idea of how the spaces, districts, quarters and streets of larger real cities look/ looked like. Rome (OTspiration? @Iwan ;) ): Venice: Tang Chang'an Pompei:
  4. Thamus_Knoward

    Medieval Pricelist

    Thought you might appreciate this, both as a relative indication of what could be considered cheap or expensive, but also as a glimpse into the everyday stuff people used:
  5. Thamus_Knoward

    Getting around the block ID limit.

    Problem A: Minecraft (or I believe Forge rather) has a hard limit of 4096 block IDs that can exist at a given time. Since there are 16 metadata slots we can have a total of 65535 combinations. And according to Emote's post here...
  6. Thamus_Knoward

    Thamus' Texture Treasure Trove

    Although I may not be specifically working on WC textures, I'd still like to make whatever I make available for WC to take advantage of. So @Emotione11, give me a shout if you want any bulk or individual tiles! Masoned Stone: Brick: Slate: Plaster: Thatch: Timber Walls: Timber...
  7. Thamus_Knoward

    Dictionary of French Architecture from the 11th to 16th Century

    What the hell was a claveau again? Can I get away with this thingy in our french-inspired builds? Boom! Just look it up here! Lots of pictures, and detailed (french) explanation...
  8. Thamus_Knoward

    Season 8 Leaked Shots Explained!

    Seems about right.
  9. Thamus_Knoward

    Textures Making custom block models in WesterosBlocks

    Hey Community, I made a guide :) Should be pretty much self explanatory! For discussions on tools and results please go here: Enjoy!!!
  10. Thamus_Knoward

    Models, Blocks and Blockstates

    I wanted to start a thread to collect information on how modding/extending WesterosBlocks works and how to create new blocks for WesterosCraft. Right now I'm just collecting various resources, which may later be compiled into a guide. I hope that @mikeprimm and @Emotione11 can pitch in on this...
  11. Thamus_Knoward

    Cloud Brush from Ardacraft

    The cloud brush I mentioned on the TextureMegaThread is built into this tool apparently:
  12. Thamus_Knoward

    Terraforming [Geomorphology 101] 1. Fluvial Processes

    Geomorphology 101 1. Fluvial Processes - A story of friendship between flowing water and sediment- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DISCLAIMER: I'm going to copy/paste this together from various sources, primarily wikipedia. Sources will...
  13. Thamus_Knoward

    In Progress Project Application - House Rousemont

    I honestly haven't done this in a loooong time. Lets see if I can still cobble an app together: House Rousemont upon Mander an unsolicited application by Thamus_Knoward Introduction: I would like to introduce you to House Rousemont, a non-canon vassal to house Caswell of Bitterbridge. The...
  14. Thamus_Knoward

    World Design and Communication

    I think this is a must watch for anyone interested in making the MMO happen:
  15. Thamus_Knoward

    Importing the old data

    Hi @geeberry and @illblew, I'd like to help with the import process where I can, but in the age we live in I am sceptical that importing old threads by hand is the only solution. Could you give us an update on where we're at and what the problems are? I supposed you are aware of this, right...