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  1. Young_Griff

    Young Griff's travel photographs

    Visited Lord Jon Connington's Family's Seat, Griffin's Roost, it was very small.. but still very nice and beautiful especially in this time of the day, Lord Jon Connington even offered me the king room couldn't stay here for long though, wish to visit and stay for longer some other day!
  2. Young_Griff

    Spring 2021 Rookery Submissions OPEN!

    I have a very powerful system so I could help with the taking of screenshots, and I have some jokes!
  3. Young_Griff

    New Fire & Blood canon

    Thank you so much for this gift to human kind, now I can share this to my friends and brother who didn't like how it was like a history book and just wanted to find all the new stuff in an easier condensed form! I would say thanks but there is no word for thank you in dothraki so San athchomari...
  4. Young_Griff


    Also! My MC User is ListenerOfDB!
  5. Young_Griff


    Hey all! Nice to meet everyone here! I would like to introduce myself, My Pen name is Liam and that's what I prefer to be called! So a little about me, I have been roleplaying for majority of my life and I have been in love with the show and more specifically the books for god knows how long...