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  1. Garlan_Tyrell

    Just a some family pictures <3

    We did it, Patrick! We saved the town!
  2. Garlan_Tyrell

    Halloween Contest - Winners!

    Amazing job to everyone who entered! I didn't get to see all of the entries that are here, but I just wanted to say I really loved the creativity of tackling the Valyrian mines and how well Ric_games captured the hot, sooty, maze-like conditions. Again, well done to everyone who gave it a go...
  3. Garlan_Tyrell

    New Fire & Blood canon

    It is known. *nods solemnly in dothraki*
  4. Garlan_Tyrell

    New Fire & Blood canon

    Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but aren't House Lonmouth and House Moore not "new houses" as introduced in Fire and Blood? or did it just confirm their locations (we already knew the Moores were from the Vale)?
  5. Garlan_Tyrell

    Immersion Builds
  6. Garlan_Tyrell

    Immersion Contest Winners

    Congrats to the winners! Can't wait to see the shaderized photos!
  7. Garlan_Tyrell

    Mid-Year Contest 2019 - Immersion Builds - Winners!

    Good luck to everyone! All the builds look great
  8. Garlan_Tyrell

    Website suggestions

    Thanks! Also, there appears to be an error above the top row, with a missing icon texture next to "Westeroscraft"
  9. Garlan_Tyrell

    Website suggestions

    Any way to add the map back onto the top bar of the website?
  10. Garlan_Tyrell

    The Great RP of June 2019

    For House Tyrell! For Highgarden!