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  1. SseriousBusiness

    Completed Ghost Hill - by Margaery Tyrell

    Just add a bit of saturation and warmth and its good:
  2. SseriousBusiness

    Approved Central Riverlands Megabuild by Ravish, Ric and Scubooty

    I've been meaning to make a guide (in the beginning I planned on making one for my probies but the idea grew into just being a general westeroscraft things guide) but I have not been able to make it due to not having enough time to do so. You usually don't find a lot of articles and how to...
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    Gulltown Redo Discussion Megathread

    And I also feel like this is a layout a lot more unique, the map you showed emot is really nice and I think it's still a nice Inspo, but I feel like for Gulltown there's a good opportunity to do something different! It also remind me of Luxembourg, although the geography in the actual Gulltown...
  4. SseriousBusiness

    Block Change Request: Dark Brown Slate

    I'm all for this request!! I just want to say to be careful with the large sandstone bricks cuz they at least for me have a very chocolate tone that I find doesn't look great. I'd do an in-between of that color and something like this: So not as grey, but definitely not as chocolate brown...
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    Approved Central Riverlands Megabuild by Ravish, Ric and Scubooty

    Thank you for the response Scub! Although I feel the answers aren't that clear, let me explain why. You begin by saying this: And I do agree with this to some extent, Dutch described a very interesting way of creating this different looking town by making it seem like a parasite against the...
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    Approved Central Riverlands Megabuild by Ravish, Ric and Scubooty

    Hello! First congratulations guys for this project! It's a really exciting mega build :D I'm frustrated I couldn't make this post a bit sooner before the building began, but the past half year I was very busy and didn't even realise this was being done. But I guess better late than never. I...
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    Wiki Wiki Submission for Frost

    Alright I added a lot more images to the album lemon sent: Sorry for taking a while, hope you like them :D
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    Wiki Wiki Submission for Frost

    I'll take a full shader album for you in the next days, any specific locations message me them
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    The Rookery - Winter 2021 Update

    Amazing job not only to everyone involved in the rookery creation, but also everyone that participated and helped make the 10th anniversary events so wonderful and joyous!!! Also to pizza cash and emot for the exciting surprise announcement!! :D
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    Block Change Request: Brick, cobble and cobble keystone blocks for OT and Reach palette + suggestion for OT palette

    Request: Brick, cobble and cobble keystone blocks for OT and Reach palette + suggestion for OT palette Request Type: Unique Addition (specific to a build, region, or culture) Describe the use of this block in said build, region, or culture. How is it unique? To the best of your knowledge how...
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    Completed The Tor by Margaery Tyrell

    Here's some screenshots of the manse I took for the last rookery:
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    CartoonLooney1 Builder Application

    OMG, welcome back!! Missed you <3
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    Quail Gate

    I'm applying for the quail gate: It's nowhere near finished but figured might as well post it, since most of the structure and layout is done. It's at /warp seri in the second level. Thank you, Seri
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    Completed Probation: AzulejoDeColores

    Alright! I've gone through all the houses you built since my last update. Some more feedback was given, mainly logical design choices, improvement of gradients and other minor details. It has been quite overdue your approval but unfortunately I wasn't able to be online more frequently to be...
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    Completed Probation: AzulejoDeColores

    Went through all the houses. I've been so busy that I wasn't able to track all the fb, but the progress is very good so far!! Gj! :)
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    Welcome back Benja!! o/ :D
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    Completed Probation: LucasHobbit

    Alright! I went through the houses and still had some more stylistic points to make but nothing too serious. With time it gets easier and easier to understand which designs work and which don't. But it's long overdue so I approve you for full builder!! Whatever you need you can ask me still...
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    Completed House Lonmouth by Jeff

    Hey Jeff! I talked to you already in-game and here is my feedback all organised and structured. This type of feedback I always prefer to give in the planning phase and/or in the beginning stages of a project but for some reason I missed you applying for this project only having the knowledge...