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  1. IMajic

    Approved Hammerwood by Imajic & StarCat98

    thanks, asks. yeh same here for the late replies. I have also been busy irl with stuff and haven't had to much time to get on the server. Does an immersion only need 1 mod to sign off for the immersion to go ahead? if so thanks for the approval.
  2. IMajic

    Approved Hammerwood by Imajic & StarCat98

    Hi Aeks, nothing has been addressed here further on our conversation. So wanted to discuss this further with you and [bump it back up in new posts] I think its pretty ancient town, its non cannon town so it doesn't need to make a lot of sense. The area I think fits well being a border town and...
  3. IMajic

    Approved Hammerwood by Imajic & StarCat98

    yeh I think the southern crownlands up to the blackwater were conquered like you said by the storm kings. -incorrect not the blackwater sorry. edit : sorry the storm kings owned up to where this proposed town is and conquered the area at 200 Before Conquest. so yes this would have been a turmoil...
  4. IMajic

    Approved Hammerwood by Imajic & StarCat98

    Hi Aeks, the idea is to have an ancient ruined town 600 years before the timeline this is 300 years before Aegons conquest, this is even before Harren Hoare building Harrenhal and his grand farther conquering the riverlands. Im talking about an ancient town here built far before the celtigers...
  5. IMajic

    Approved Hammerwood by Imajic & StarCat98

    Hi all mods and builders who look at this. The ruined Town of Hammerwood Immersion_ by Imajic and Starcat98 Resume not needed, but we have lots of minis, city districts and projects under our belt. Why build this immersion ? I was looking at the crossroads between a major route, this sits on...
  6. IMajic

    Wall Castle Renaissance Update Thread

    yes I think so. not much cannon about west-watch itself. most of the cannon is about the bridge. The shadow tower men probably do not station at the castle since the nights watch say they only garrison 3 castles. So they would use the bridge as the defending point. so it is up to you to decide...
  7. IMajic

    Wall Castle Renaissance Update Thread

    Just a note from knowing the cannon about the shadow tower. I am pretty sure that the Nightwatch do not use westwatch to garrison. The people who fought on the bridge itself are from the shadow tower as it is a garrisoned castle to its east, meaning that westwatch is most likely a pile of...
  8. IMajic

    Abandoned Project Application: House Staunton of Rook's Rest

    I can help with any parts with this project if required. I would like to be part of the planning due to having the largest border with Rooks rest, also due to cannon it could conclude with house cave lands that borders to the north and west. as the caves are part of the cannon of rooks rest lands.
  9. IMajic

    Approved House Cave by Majic

    Sorry for late reply Dutch! I was working on other projects in the second half of the year in 2021, helping other people with terra and also helping other people with tests for castles and towns and running a few minis. I hadn't worked much or at all on house Cave from July-december 2021 After...
  10. IMajic

    Approved House Estermont by Jeff

    Maybe an idea Jeff, as you are looking for some sort of defence. Instead of a holdfast/watchtower, as others agreed that it was best not use them. You could have a very basic fire beacon, more like wood stacked on a platform to warn for pirates coming from the south as to warn the main...
  11. IMajic

    Approved Oldcastle/House Locke Application

    also as my name was brought up ;) we talked in game and in discord about this project. I talked to wurst about the castle as we can see in the pictures [on the application] Wurst did the castle tests in a solo world when he was unable to be in server. So that is why he took screenshots, A...
  12. IMajic

    The Arbor: Applications thread

    Mermaid's Palace by lemonbear & iMajic Project is now COMPLETED! :) The island project includes Mermaids Sept. [Thank you to Chewy for his sept, we both worked on the ints and chewy did the exterior] thx chewy! Mermaids Palace [which had a few people do some interiors of some of the...
  13. IMajic

    Approved Project Application: House Willum by Daenerys (update/redo)

    Just a few tips for this mini application above. (as found myself looking at this.) This is a hamlet, not a sprawl for a town/city where space is slightly limited. SO make the houses a bit less clumped together, separate them up ! Make the yards feel less rounded and make them a lot larger...
  14. IMajic

    Fire and Blood Season with WesterosCraft!

    Congrats to all 4 winners ! This was a hard decision, as there were a lot of good entires with different aspects we all liked. Great work by all the contestants ! The winter Contest has also opened up, Check this out :) Xmas Competition 2022
  15. IMajic

    Probation: WalrusBehindYou

    Third feedback The houses listed below need work and need checking over in game. Build 3: Moneylending in Kingslanding /Warp KL14B Coords: 3330, 1132 **Approved by project leader Feedback needed. Have to re check this in game with you if it is the house on your plot. I can not find this...
  16. IMajic

    Probation: WalrusBehindYou

    Second Feedback Kirf Old Mines /warp Risley All these houses were checked over in game with you, there were no changes needed, great interiors, wurst has checked over them and also found no issues. LUK, the project lead has also approved on these houses. Also Speak with Wusrt about the mines...
  17. IMajic

    Happy Birthday Otty, hope everything is fine irl. I will see you on the server at some point.

    Happy Birthday Otty, hope everything is fine irl. I will see you on the server at some point.
  18. IMajic

    Probation: WalrusBehindYou

    No I will do this, I have been a little lazy writing here, I will do it right now before I do something else and forget. Also I had a look over that kl High class house test. The exteriors are fine no problems made, could be a little 'spruced' up to show their wealth off. maybe with windows and...
  19. IMajic

    Withdrawn Project Application: House Slate of Blackpool

    I was just looking through pojects, I came across this appliaction. Main problems I see you haven't shown a consistently when it comes to your test, the houses tests seem very different to the castle and each house looks very different, if they are different there needs to be a reason. You...
  20. IMajic

    Probation: WalrusBehindYou

    Hi Walrus, I will check it out in game. Glad you still attempted the k.L build. It is great practice and maybe once the plot/district in K.L is open, your build could be put into production. Also I will need to write up a quick Feedback here on the forums for the houses. The ones we went over...