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  1. Gealrüable

    Block Requests - Discussion

    Currently, there are 114 pending block requests, stretching back over 2 years, most posts getting basically no feedback. The process might best be modeled by a big lootbox of random ideas, waiting in everlasting damnation. And every odd solar eclipse a beaming wizard reads the stars so a few may...
  2. Gealrüable

    Block Change Request: Mossy roof-blocks

    Request: Mossy roof-blocks Request Type: Unique Addition (specific to a build, region, or culture) Describe the use of this block in said build, region, or culture. How is it unique? To the best of your knowledge how could it be used in a different context? Moss covered roofs would especially...
  3. Gealrüable

    Hey, guys, who do academic writing!

    Use Sci-Hub just google sci-hub and see which link currently works remove all barriers in science, and give Alexandra a medal!
  4. Gealrüable

    Approved Southeastern Vale Megabuild (Wickenden, Ruthermont, Redfort, Runestone/Gulltown Peninsula) by Emoticone11

    Love this! For some inspiration on the chalets (and general all things swiss): (many houses are 18th an 19th century, but there are some late medieval among them) personally I'm quite fond of the schwyzer chalets and some types from...
  5. Gealrüable

    Withdrawn Moore Redo Appeal

    I'm very exited to see things moving in the Vale, looking forward to your ideas! Please let this happen, great Gods of Westeros!
  6. Gealrüable

    Stormlands Projects Review

    Just a warning, since it has happened a few times now: if you dont want to give away your full name, see what username you're using before making a comment (or accidental suggestions)
  7. Gealrüable

    Stormlands Projects Review This is a list of each project in the Stormlands, with canon information and their respective issues, as well as some suggestions. It's purpose is to highlight problems with some builds and show...
  8. Gealrüable

    Block Change Request: Large stone slabs

    Request: Large stone slabs Request Type: Unique Addition (specific to a build, region, or culture) Describe the use of this block in said build, region, or culture. How is it unique? To the best of your knowledge how could it be used in a different context? Large stone slabs going over...
  9. Gealrüable

    Harrenhal Redo Discussion Megathreat

    Indeed a huge threat that should be swiftly dealt with before people get hurt!
  10. Gealrüable

    Approved House Bolling by Homiesucc

    Dork has agreed to permanently act as prop for the camp.
  11. Gealrüable

    Dornish Marches Terra

    love you <3
  12. Gealrüable

    Dornish Marches Terra

    true, but at least simple horizontal lines are more than nothing (and most lines in mountains are roughly horizontal, them bending in weird shapes is rare) I'd love it of course to have the lines bend more and show more detail, but that seems to be a lot of work, so to me having simpler...
  13. Gealrüable

    Dornish Marches Terra

    at least in my area of the alps, most stone has a striped pattern (tho rarely such a strong contrast, but still quite clearly visible) and with broader bands usually quite a nice example of the huge bands of stone bending and forming mountains is at the Walensee in Switzerland sadly you cant...
  14. Gealrüable

    Dornish Marches Terra

    I much prefer the old style, it looks more realistic and adds more contrast (though it also has its flaws visually) Personally I dislike large patches of just one terrainset, it looks bland and unrealistic to me.
  15. Gealrüable

    Mistwood Redo Appeal

    currently there are much more important things to do in the stormlands than update an already very good project, better to let a new style establish in the next years and then perhaps update mistwood slightly It might be very tempting to hold projects (especially beloved ones) always up to...
  16. Gealrüable

    Mistwood Redo Appeal

    all jokes aside, I feel the strong urge to profess my love for Mistwood. It always was one of my favorites, and even now after wading through so much material on the stormlands for many hours, I only love it more. There are no issues with canon, and it is unlikely that there will be new canon...
  17. Gealrüable

    Mistwood Redo Appeal

    this i think would work well as a transition to the southern "broad plain" as described
  18. Gealrüable

    Mistwood Redo Appeal

    since I've been asked on whether I'd keep the terrain, the answer is only in parts. I'd like to make it feel a bit more like an actual rainforest, with all that goes with it, sharing here some pics of what i have in mind.