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  1. Vinnie

    Black and silver horses sire chestnut foals

    Fun fact... gray horses (The official term for an ordinary white-colored horse is "gray") can be born in a variety of colors-- typically black. As they reach maturity their coats become dappled and eventually turn a near-solid white color. True white horses maintain little to no pigmented skin...
  2. Vinnie

    Where would you put down roots?

    I would claim a nice hollowed-out log in the swamps of the neck and my arms would be a frog playing the banjo
  3. Vinnie

    Approved Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

    Hey Lem! Wanted to let you know that I am relinquishing the SF Septry back to you. It no longer brings me joy and it's not fair for me to sit on a build for months on end when other builders may want to build there. I took the liberty of removing what I had and filling in the terra as best I...
  4. Vinnie

    Vinetown thread

    Hey Eld! Here is my formal application for the bathhouse in Vinetown. I'm sure you've seen some of my work already in-game, however, feel free to swing by and check out my latest work @ /warp vinnie Enjoy these screenshots and hope to hear from you soon.
  5. Vinnie

    Terra School: Salt Marshes

    I love salt. It's what makes my pretzels so salty.
  6. Vinnie

    The Rookery — Summer 2022 Update

    As always, PHENOMENAL job Rookery team. I live for Rookery release days
  7. Vinnie

    Dornish Marches Terra

    Those layers be like
  8. Vinnie

    Dornish Marches Terra

    My two cents: I'm pro new style. No more tiger stripes on mountains, please.
  9. Vinnie

    Approved Application for House Ladybright ☆

    Hey Amm! Been loving your plans thus far. As the server's unofficial horse girl, I would like to interject on the notion of horse studs in your project. Horses, even yearlings, need to consume a considerable amount of fresh water and calories (as much as 15,000- 30,000 cal each day). Which I...
  10. Vinnie

    The Arbor: Applications thread

    Hey Lem! So awesome to see this long-awaited build being applied for! Just a thought. What if the septry were devoted to all the female aspects of the seven and not just the Crone? Based on the name "mermaid's palace" I think it would be cool to have an emphasized female-centric theme going. As...
  11. Vinnie

    Block Change Request: Pears

    aPEARently, we are in need of some more block textures
  12. Vinnie

    Harrenhal, Harrentown and Hogg Hall Redo Appeals

    It's finally happening! :eek:
  13. Vinnie

    Completed Skerry Island Immersion

    Invent a seagull narative and write about his life on the island
  14. Vinnie

    KL Canon Roads Map and Changes

    That’s where Rav goes to feed the park pigeons
  15. Vinnie

    KL Canon Roads Map and Changes

    Administration daddy :p
  16. Vinnie

    The Arbor: Feedback, Suggestions & Testing

    Personally, I’m not overly concerned with the proportions as they are. I think of the mountains more as a natural sort of screening that aids in the illusion of the island’ size. I would bet most viewers can’t hike up their render distance high enough to make the scale visually consequential as...
  17. Vinnie

    Continue the Story

    Bran could not stop touching his smooth secret bits. They were sooooo smooth.