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    Abandoned KL Update Application- District 5 "Old Gate" -qBBQ

    Hello, I've become quite busy IRL and have not the time to take care of this project. I hereby retract my application so another person may take it. Please feel free to use any plans and/or research I have done. Don't worry. I'll still lurk around the server and forums from time to time. Oh...
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    Abandoned KL Update Application- District 5 "Old Gate" -qBBQ

    King’s Landing District 5 Old Gate /warp kl5 District description At the end of the Street of Silk, you’ll find the Old Gate. No one is quite sure why it is called “old” but non-canon sources say it was the first gate built in King’s Landing[citation needed]. Just inside the gate is a small...
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    [KL’s south bank] So what’s on the other side of the river?

    I say no to theatres on the south Blackwater. People are waiting to cross the river, they don't want to stay and watch a play. For the performers, the tips are probably better inside the capital than on a river bank. The city has outdoor, open-air theatres as well. Imagine asking for donations...
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    [KL’s south bank] So what’s on the other side of the river?

    Thanks Augurex! I like researching this kind of stuff. Not sure if the ferries operated at night, but Tyrion saw one at the break of dawn, morning. "...the hulls of smashed ships could be seen along both sides of the Blackwater, charred masts poking from the shallows like gaunt black fingers...
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    [KL’s south bank] So what’s on the other side of the river?

    "Tyrion cantered on ahead to where the ferry barges waited on the south bank of the Blackwater." - ASoS, Chapter 38 Tyrion V, last paragraph "Dawn was breaking, and pale ripples of light shimmered on the surface of the river, shattering under the poles and reforming when the ferry had passed...
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    Westeroscraft walks goes to White Harbor

    I may be a bit late on this, but I would love it if the salt boiling facility south of Gullsgate got featured. Further south along the shore, you'll also find some whales which are being harvested for their blubber.
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    Season 8 Promotions *Show Spoilers*

    Pictures looks great Cash! I'll try to make some snow pictures as well later today. Are we reviving our subreddit? No one has posted there in more than half a year.
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    Completed Project Application: House Graceford by Margaery and Desmera

    The inn east of the river in the forest along the Rose Road is complete. It comes with a stable, a veggie garden and a pig pen.
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    House Massey of Stonedance by Kobe & Lucia

    I'm looking at your map and see 2 lighthouses which are in close proximity to one another. Is there a reason for this?
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    Planning List of all available projects

    I was discussing with Marg and Iwan about the Houses along Ironman's Bay, or more specifically the Houses east of Banefort namely: Yarwyck, Wyndhall, Doggett, Bettley and Perryn. The main issue I feel is this short portion of shoreline has too many Houses along it such that each would have only...
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    White Harbor Sprawl Plotting Applications

    I also extended the beach area to add more boat houses. Some of the upper parts of the rocky area has been replaced with grass. The ground of the pier area (area under and around the salt boiling facility) will be set to northern/dark cobble mix.
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    White Harbor Sprawl Plotting Applications

    As promised, here's the application for the salt boiling facility. Gosh this feels like grade school all over again... Link:
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    White Harbor Sprawl Plotting Applications

    Just a quick note that I'll be tackling the salt boiling facility. I've begun some plotting and reading up on the salt making process. @oOIOoMajic, thank you for your research! Does @MajorTom12466 or @CashBanks still want to do it? Some research links...
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    [Building] Castles: in-depth videos

    Here are various castle related videos from Youtuber Shadiversity. He talks in-depth about what makes a castle a castle, terminology, rooms, etc. The videos are quite long but informative.
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    Shaders Issue with no Error Code

    What was the fix @Althallen?
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    Shaders Issue with no Error Code

    I have not heard of this Cybox Shaders so you should ask the modder on their forum. Shaders require a beefy computer with lots of RAM so allot RAM accordingly. I would not recommend playing with shaders on however if you must, SEUS should work on our server.
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    Abandoned [APPEAL APPROVED] Project Application: Dreadfort by Banty & SMP

    Dreadfort seems pretty evil to me. The AWOIAF describes it as follows: Also of note is how they use their dogs to hunt down peasant women.
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    In Progress Project Application : House Crane of Red Lake by ZoSo_666

    Hello! I will be doing the lumber hamlet at /warp rllumberjack for @ZoSo_666. Features of this hamlet will include: - 4 worker houses - 1 to 2 storage buildings - 1 wind powered lumber mill - forested and deforested areas Test of the lumber mill will be posted at a later date.
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    Completed Hawthorne (lemonbear and Antalex)

    @lemonbear and @Antalex The parchment facility at /warp hawthornefarm2 is complete! I'm sure Lemon will look it over again in more detail once Hawthorne nears completion. Criticism in the form of melons are welcome. This is only my 2nd completed mini project and I will be moving on to a 3rd, a...
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    [Help Wanted] Launcher Images (pls)

    I like the circle with the smaller face and semi-transparent grey background.