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    OT Team: Defenses

    Hello hello! I would also like to join the team. I have helped in some of the defences of Vinetown and in Myatt (and maybe some other stuff but I don´t remember) and would love to help out with Oldtown.
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    KL Update Application: District 27

    If I'm not mistaken, when we were testing for the theatre in the "original" KL (the one we're revamping now) there was a test for a more "improvised" theatre built in a relativly small closed of square (closed on 3 sides) surrounded by tall buildings that, if i remember correctly, had gallaries...
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    In Progress District Update Application - Dragon Square

    Hey all! I'm also submitting my application for the Dragon Square Market Hall. As you can see from the pictures its still very WIP (no gradient, the tower isn't finished, the interiors have just a rough layout...), but the idea is to have a big open space for the main market on the groud floor...