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  1. IronGentleGiant

    Castle Black elevator

    An old college prank. At one of the universities in Alabama longtime ago in the 1970s there used to be a massive wooden 20 ft tall 10 ft wide rocking chair that weighed about 2 tons on campus built by architecture students 10 years prior. In the 1970s the fraternities on that campus had a bet...
  2. IronGentleGiant

    Castle Black elevator

    Hmmm... that's 10 Kit Harrington's weighing in at roughly 150 pounds each and 4 barrels of gravel each weighing roughly 70 pounds which totals roughly 1780 pounds, almost 1 ton. We're prolly looking at a fairly sophisticated combination of the Treadwheel crane and Brunelleschi's 360 degree...
  3. IronGentleGiant

    The Arbor: Applications thread

    So I don't know where to drop this, but I found this nicely detailed treatise from the 1400s on shipbuilding in the Venetian Arsenal by Michael of Rhodes who worked there, oversaw shipbuilding, and served in the Venetian Guard.
  4. IronGentleGiant

    Eastwatch Project Thread

    Sounds like this area is the ASOIAF equivalent of Codlandia, though Codlandia could be somewhere else in the unknown world, but being the rich fishing ground in all the known world of ASOIAF is pretty much Codlandia in our world. I bet there is Westerosi Cod in the Bay of Seals and from reading...
  5. IronGentleGiant

    Moat Cailin Application

    For this bit here to be answered I feel that I must add an article with research from Historians and History Buffs alike over at the History Stack Exchange. The link here may provide some useful information in regards to the construction and fortification of certain areas in swamps and wetlands...
  6. IronGentleGiant

    Where would you put down roots?

    HOUSE TALLDAMS Coat of Arms: A White Tailed Black Beaver on a Field of Gold Motto: Let Us Try Seat: Gods Eye Town (currently), various river towns across Westeros (formerly) Head: Sir Atler Talldams Region: Riverlands Title(s): Lord of Engineers (claimed), Sentinel of the Gods Eye River...
  7. IronGentleGiant

    Project Application: House Norcross of Norcross by IronGiant

    I've been in talks with AeksioOndos and I've decided to go back to Darkdell. I just wonder if some of my builds or ideas could be used for a new Norcross if it ever be built.
  8. IronGentleGiant

    Project Application: House Norcross of Norcross by IronGiant

    I apologize for the late reply. Family matters kept me busy for some time and seemingly will keep me busy further, unless some thing changes. I do remember where I read it, however, it really wouldn't be an actual quote. Rather it would be a map that I read and that map being from The Lands of...
  9. IronGentleGiant

    Project Application: House Norcross of Norcross by IronGiant

    Just a notice. Some may not be able to see the images, but I can see them and a few others can too. Don't know what is going on for some of you. Btw, I'll include some test screenshots tomorrow.
  10. IronGentleGiant

    Project Application: House Norcross of Norcross by IronGiant

    House Norcross of Norcross Presented by the GentleIrongiant, better known as PeanutGuy Resume: Uffering Holdfast 2, Knott Holdfast, Project Co-Lead on Norrey, Rousemont Quarry and Hamlet, Previous Project Co-Lead on Darkdell, Medieval Industry & Siege Warfare Expertise House Norcross is a...
  11. IronGentleGiant

    In Progress Project Application: Darkdell

    If you want to make, or use as inspiration, a slightly industrialized rural lime kiln here is one from Diderot's Encyclopedia.
  12. IronGentleGiant

    Block Change Request: Will-o'-the-wisp

    As a flame, Which oft, they say, some evil Spirit attends, Hovering and blazing with delusive light, Misleads the amazed night-wanderer from his way To bogs and mires, and oft through pond or pool; There swallowed up and lost, from succour far. -Poem from some old book in my Granny's Library...
  13. IronGentleGiant

    Westeros Inktober

    I think that's on the wiki or main website
  14. IronGentleGiant

    In Progress Bigglestone by Jakethesnake8_8

    I've some suggestions for the war camp. I would suggest to the commander of this detachment (from the larger Lannister force at Harrenhal) that it be best not to position his main camp so close to the besieged castle and a bit farther back, closer to the creek or even on the other side of it...
  15. IronGentleGiant

    In Progress Project Application: Maidenpool

    As I've pulled out of Darkdell, I've looked to applying for other projects and will consider taking up MP. Its structuring and layout fits somewhat with my vision and some ideas for another project I'd plan to eventually apply for. These ideas are mainly focused on medieval industry (mills for...
  16. IronGentleGiant

    In Progress Project Application: Darkdell

    Hey y'all! I announce my withdrawal from Project Darkdell. I've been talking to Aeks about this for awhile now and I still want to help, but mainly take a backseat approach. Thus, allowing me to explore other projects and I'll be applying for one soon.
  17. IronGentleGiant

    Project Application: House Norcross by Opaco

    You touch island you die, just kidding. I had originally worked on a test for this site as you can see from the link below, however I found myself lacking in certain skills and decided to abandon the whole thing. Though the test is still saved on my plot. Seeing as it is still untouched, I may...
  18. IronGentleGiant

    Vinetown thread

    Hey y'all! This is my and Finn's app for the Fishmongers Guild, Fish Market, and Fish Weight House in VT1. Y'all can visit it on my plot at /warp IronGiant.
  19. IronGentleGiant

    In Progress Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

    This what I wanted for the inn, but never could figure out how to implement it, so I abandoned it. Looks great btw.