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  1. DutchGuard

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Varner

    Thank you Jake, I have reformatted the above to read in the third-person. If you have any images you would like added to the wiki page, please drop them here.
  2. DutchGuard

    Eastwatch Project Thread

    Any ideas for re-defining the end of the wall? A lot of the concept art shows a wall which appears to terminate somewhat purposefully, rather than our current arrangement which appears to be sort of half melted into the sea.
  3. DutchGuard

    Redo Appeal: Norcross, Brightwater Keep, Hastwyck by Margaery Tyrell

    After consideration the moderating team is in agreement that this redo appeal should be approved. There were also no objections to the idea of a megabuild with this configuration.
  4. DutchGuard

    Redo Appeal: Norcross, Brightwater Keep, Hastwyck by Margaery Tyrell

    Oh I just mean it should be open for discussion as part of this appeal, that way you know one way or another if you have support for the idea, and we can help flesh it out in the process.
  5. DutchGuard

    Redo Appeal: Norcross, Brightwater Keep, Hastwyck by Margaery Tyrell

    I would also like to bring jMp007 and Wazgamer into the discussion as Hastwyck was a collaboration between them. Also Tsarkaiser84 for their work on Honeyholt. All the builders for Brightwater Keep do not appear to be active anymore, but an attempt should be made nonetheless to contact...
  6. DutchGuard

    Redo Appeal: Norcross, Brightwater Keep, Hastwyck by Margaery Tyrell

    Just to be clear, Norcross does not require prior-approval for application. What you are asking for is approval for each and all of the following: Redo 1. Hastwyck, a completed project 2. Brightwater Keep, a completed project (marked as such for its near-completion) Update 3. West Honeyholt...
  7. DutchGuard

    Completed Highgarden

    Hi Marge, thanks for taking the initiative with this. Considering you have the blessings of the project leaders the mods have no objections with you making the above updates.
  8. DutchGuard

    Hey, guys, who do academic writing!

    Best advice: contact the authors of the papers you want to read directly via email. They are allowed to, and often will, send you copies for free.
  9. DutchGuard

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Ghost Hill

    Thanks Marge! Looks great. I left in some bits about construction and inspiration from the previous entry as I found them interesting.
  10. DutchGuard

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Lonmouth

    Nice work! Just made some small adjustments to make it third-person.
  11. DutchGuard

    Westeros Inktober

    Probably, but I'm not clever enough for that haha.
  12. DutchGuard

    Westeros Inktober

    I spun the wheel and it landed on Lolliston. RIGGED.
  13. DutchGuard

    In Progress Project Application: Long Barrow by Auscar

    Can I just check that this is now completed? It would be great to have a wiki submission if so.
  14. DutchGuard

    Westeros Inktober

    You can check the open plots and minis layers on the dynmap for more active projects. The in progress list is not out of date. We don't mark projects as abandoned until the build leader voluntarily relinquishes the project or they go awol for at least a year without notice. We could possibly...
  15. DutchGuard

    In Progress Project Application: Antlers

    I would also add that the scale we are working at doesn't really lend itself to accurate sizing of large things like fields.
  16. DutchGuard

    Abandoned Project Application: House Leygood

    This project is now marked as abandoned. There was some discussion on this area being absorbed into the Darkdell projrct which I would approve of. The current location and style of the project is not entirely suitable/up to date, and I will explore options to relocate Leygood elsewhere in the Reach.
  17. DutchGuard

    In Progress Project Application : House Crane of Red Lake by ZoSo_666

    I noticed this no longer has two approving mods so i will step in. Any updates Zo? What is left to do?
  18. DutchGuard

    In Progress Rhysling

    Stepping in as a second approving mod. Any updates Kul? It would be useful to know what is left to do in the event that this ever becomes a foster.
  19. DutchGuard

    In Progress Project App: House Conklyn by JackPlaysX

    Hey JackLaysEggs I'll be stepping in as second approving mod. How's the project going? Any updates? What is left to do?