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  1. JohanKR850

    In Progress Western gift "continuation project" by Johan

    Oh i didn't notice you weren't approving mod. But thanks! Ill go in and check for more tags, i just left them so you could find the ruins in the snow.
  2. JohanKR850

    In Progress Western gift "continuation project" by Johan

    Hello everyone! It has been quite a while, but like a white walker I have come back from the dead. I have been checking this project through and everything seems to be in order. I added all but one of the paths from my original map, because it was in excess (but I doubt you will even notice)...
  3. JohanKR850

    Probation: ChewyMan125

    Hey Chewy! We had a look at your house, and made a few minor changes. Nothing of real note, other than you must remember to cover up the sides of benches. You did a great job on making profession details! And an overall good job. I think it is only natural that you move on from probation now...
  4. JohanKR850

    Probation: Uldirone

    Hey Uld. Sorry about the very late reply, as you know ive been busy. We went through all your houses weeks ago. And i took a look at you latest one today. It was missing thatch carpets so i added that. It also lacked the profession sign but i could not figure how it was best to put it. The...
  5. JohanKR850

    Probation: _TickleMonster_

    Hey Tickle! You probation is over. It's been nice building with you in westeros. Ask a mod to remove the N when you are online. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do out there. If there is ever anything you need help with don't hesitate to ask. - Johan
  6. JohanKR850

    In Progress Project Application: Clan Burley by Joseidon

    Looks cool Aeks. That could work. But what about the lands south of Harclay and north of Winterfell, there seems to missing something. But we can talk about that somewhere else. Also about Winterfells very small lands, we have to remember that dutch made these borders based on our...
  7. JohanKR850

    In Progress Western gift "continuation project" by Johan

    Hey Jose. You fixed the issues, and we talked in game. I approve your mini! Thanks for helping with the gift.
  8. JohanKR850

    Probation: JJLyric

    Hey JJ Let's get to it. #26 Not bad. Utilized the space under the stairs for optimal storage. #27 Cool #28 Remember to use both carpet and full blocks of thatch for thatch covers on the ground. I replaced a table block with a bench block. Remember to only use the table drawers in high and...
  9. JohanKR850

    In Progress Western gift "continuation project" by Johan

    Hello Joseidon. Here is some feedback. Most of it is stuff that is general to snowy projects, so you might learn something for future builds. For wood in the north try to stick to jungle and spruce. If the walls are spruce it will get bland to also use spruce for furniture, so for a secondary...
  10. JohanKR850

    Probation: Uldirone

    We saw each other in game today, and we wen't through your houses in game! It's visible that you have already had some experience as a builder, but here is a few things to remember. Add mud patches to yard, id like them to be a few larger ones of around 6 blocks rather than many small. Glass...
  11. JohanKR850

    Probation: _TickleMonster_

    Hey Tickle we have been looking at your houses in game and i have got to say i am very impressed by your performances in both urban and rural styles. You last kl house was very good and we had a discussion about how you can use spare/storage space. The only major mistake was that the fireplace...
  12. JohanKR850

    Probation: Uldirone

    It's awesome you are back Uld! Yes you can continue your probation, but you will have to restart the 30 day period and make a new thread. I love your rohan build, it's cool to see you have been honing your skills in the time you were away. This is some default info i give everyone. Take note of...
  13. JohanKR850

    Probation: Mobin

    Best way to find plots is through dyn map. Dyn map here / press the menu in the top left / choose Open Plot.
  14. JohanKR850

    Block Change Request: Snowy weirwood leaves

    Request: Snowy weirwood leaves Request Type: Unique Addition (specific to a build, region, or culture) Describe the use of this block in said build, region, or culture. How is it unique? To the best of your knowledge how could it be used in a different context? There is a lot of weirwoods and...
  15. JohanKR850

    Completed Project application: Clan Knott By Johan

    The Brochs are done, and Codd is cool with it.
  16. JohanKR850

    More to Beyond the Wall.

    Sami style is cool but the Sami people have/had woods and trees, which inuits on Greenland does not. The Sami style includes a wooden frame i am pretty sure. So we would need to decide wether or not there would be trees along and inland from the frozen shore. In which case it would be odd for...
  17. JohanKR850

    Probation: JJLyric

    Hi JJ, we have gone through all the houses in game and did not find any major issues. The last house at Orme had some stuff to remember for next time. Use light thatch not dark thatch in the Reach (whole south) Remember to add mud to the yards (should a few larger patches, not many small). Add...
  18. JohanKR850

    Forum Game: Guess Who Posts Next

    Yes Sir Next up is Alex
  19. JohanKR850

    Probation: _TickleMonster_

    Hey Tickle! I will be your probation leader. I will try to catch you in game to go through the houses there. But if that seems impossible i will just write the bullet points here. Looking forward to see you out there! Remember you have to build both rural and urban. So you will have to get a few...
  20. JohanKR850

    Probation: witherack

    Hello Wither! Here to take a look at your last houses. Kl Smith: On the bottom floor there is a row of five flagons. I can't see a reason why. Also it seems a bit like a kitchen. I would just place some more traditional smithy items like horseshoes and so on. I might be totally...