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  1. Demodocus

    Completed Highgarden

    Thoughts on the maze -- I think the current working model is great! I would add in the 5 rectangular sculpture rooms that are plotted in pink wool. I think that there should only be flowers in the sigil circles and by the sculpture. The maintenance of this maze is already massive, so intensive...
  2. Demodocus

    GoFundMe Campaign - Composition Related

    Hello all! Wish I could stop by more often, but I wanted to share some exciting news! I am pleased to announce that I will be a participating composer in the Mostly Modern Festival this June, which is in Saratoga Springs, New York. It will feature premieres and readings of new and in-progress...
  3. Demodocus

    Completed Highgarden

    Oh -- here is a potential overlay of five circles (for the Golden Roses) and also some seven-pointed stars. I suppose we could also design a 12 sided figure that has 7 stars and 5 roses, but this aligned with the current entrances in a fairly logical way!
  4. Demodocus

    Completed Highgarden

    So ... I was thinking about the gardens more and more, and think it would be really cool to have the sculptures and towers be constellation themed. This led to some research about astronomy in GoT and the list of known constellations ... which led to a further inquiry into constellations in...
  5. Demodocus

    Completed Highgarden

    Just thinking about the maze for Highgarden today ... it should somehow incorporate a pattern that looks like the Tyrell Golden Rose ... perhaps there could be five of these sigils equidistant in the outer ring? I think that would be more "visible" than to use the entire circle to represent this...
  6. Demodocus

    In Progress Project Application : House Crane of Red Lake by ZoSo_666

    I'm not even here ... but I love this app and all things related to this corner of the world! Best of luck!
  7. Demodocus

    So Long, Farewell!

    Dear WesterosCraft Community of Awesomeness, This will be one of the most difficult posts to write. After much thought, I have decided to resign as Moderator and take a significant break from the server. A week ago, I was waiting to hear back about a full time job I had applied for -- I was...
  8. Demodocus

    Spiderpig signing off

    Sad to see you go Georni -- thanks for all the beautiful work you have left us!
  9. Demodocus

    New Website Users Read This

    Thanks Howy! That's good information, but I like my poop picture from the marathon I ran from Castle Black to Sunspear!
  10. Demodocus

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