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  1. TheYoungWolf

    Forum Game: Guess Who Posts Next

    It’s simple, try to predict who’s going to post in this thread after you. There’s only one rule: NO TAGGING (Tagging defeats the whole purpose of guessing, so don’t do it) I’ll go first, Cash
  2. TheYoungWolf

    German GoT Architecture Video

    Found this video, it's super interesting! Unfortunately it's in German though.
  3. TheYoungWolf

    Wolf's Farewell Party

    Please save the date December 30, 2017 for the farewell party of TheYoungWolf! As most of you might know, I'll go to Australia in January to travel through the country as a backpacker. I wanna go to lots of festivals, steal a koala, have a man bun and get my arm full of tattoos, and since that...