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  1. WesterosCraft

    ArdaCraft and WesterosCraft

    Hello ArdaCraft and WesterosCraft community members, It would be fair to say that our two servers represent the best that large-scale fantasy minecraft building has to offer. Our teams over the years have shared many qualities in common: passion, commitment, talent, and love for our books...
  2. WesterosCraft

    Anonymous Feedback

    I have concerns regarding co-op with a 'project' that is next to mine. I heavily rely on feedback from this neighboring builder and have tried multiple times to reach out to them. I cannot find them on discord in a basic search function despite hearing from other builders they do in fact use...
  3. WesterosCraft

    Anonymous Feedback

    Could there be some kind of limitation on groovy? It can be really difficult to be on discord when someone abuses groovy and they spam mickey mouse clubhouse episodes or the entire bee movie despite people in the voice chat saying to stop.