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  1. Pixeld_

    List of Schematic Brushes

    I don't know how much the treetest is still being used and how up to date it is, but I'm willing to clean up and update the area. I could maybe even make a new repository with all the schemsets like the one we had on the old wiki since i think that could be a valuable addition, especially for...
  2. Pixeld_

    KL Remaster Progress Update - Read if you are District Leader.

    KL 32 here! Most builds are completed I think. I just want to go over everything and make adaptations to or redo plots where needed to make sure it looks and feels cohesive and up-to-date. Anything you want to add Shymon ?
  3. Pixeld_

    OT Team: Terraforming

    Just a heads up that the trello link above brings you to the canals and rivers board...
  4. Pixeld_

    OT Team: Terraforming

    I'd like to help if you need more people
  5. Pixeld_

    Completed House Estren of Wyndhall by Pix

    Beds are fixed, but i couldn't find the red sand you were talking about. Is it floating or on the ground?
  6. Pixeld_

    Block Change Request: Rainbow Sept Crystals

    Isn't it so that the crystal just refracts the white light into different colours like a prism? In that case the crystals don't have to be rainbow-coloured. Correct me if I'm wrong though
  7. Pixeld_

    Completed House Estren of Wyndhall by Pix

    Here are some screenshots i took
  8. Pixeld_

    Completed House Estren of Wyndhall by Pix

    Everything has been taken care of :)
  9. Pixeld_

    Completed House Estren of Wyndhall by Pix

    I painted the terrain with green wool, but for the script only the top layer needed to be green wool. I tried replacing any underground green wool, but i must've missed some spots.
  10. Pixeld_

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Wyndhall

    Wyndhall House Estren The Westerlands Project Lead(s): Pixeld_ Build Type: Castle Warp: /warp wyndhall Project Application: Build Status: Completed Start Date: May 6, 2020...
  11. Pixeld_

    Completed House Estren of Wyndhall by Pix

    /warp wyndhall /warp whvillage /warp whham /warp whhf /warp pendrichills
  12. Pixeld_

    Completed House Estren of Wyndhall by Pix

    Wyndhall is up for post-approval! I'll work on the wiki article while i wait on your feedback.
  13. Pixeld_

    Tutorial: How to use forest scripts

    I made a script for nettles and bracken and i thought i'd share it. It's currently set to a fairly dense configuration but that can be changed by adjusting the percentage of gold. The script can also be seperated for only bracken or nettles.
  14. Pixeld_

    Sunspear/Dorne Redo Discussion Megathread

    Here are some photos from the city of Essaioura. The Astapor scenes were filmed here, but I think it could also provide some inspiration for smaller Dorne builds. There's an image not showing so if you want to see all of them, click on it.
  15. Pixeld_

    Completed House Estren of Wyndhall by Pix

    Almost a year later and I'm nearing completion! All there's left to do is the castle, which I'm probably going to redo,the septry (still open for applications btw) and finishing the mine. When that is done I could use some help with the forests and rivers.
  16. Pixeld_

    Block Change Request: Slightly darker version of the Westerlands terrainset

    As a reference, this is what i did at Wyndhall. It's the best i could with the given blocks and I think it looks alright. There is still room for improvement ofcourse but I'm satisfied with it. I don't know this is what you're looking for but I thought it could help
  17. Pixeld_

    Completed The Tor by Margaery Tyrell

    I made a test for this a while ago. It's still somewhere on my plot explained with signs iirc. They're also used to extract salt and brine from the soil