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  1. Willas_Tyrell

    Completed Project Application - House Parren

    Hi everyone, here's the application for House Parren by Antony_Justman and Willas_Tyrell! :) Here the tests we made for houses and the Main Castle Hope you like it! This will be my first project, before this as minis, I have Ambrosefarm, Waterman Farmstead2...
  2. Willas_Tyrell

    Willas probation builds

    probation #1 /warp burnley -4646 59 1716 probation #2 /warp posbrook -8751 57 -98 probation #3 /warp posbrook -8755 57 -85
  3. Willas_Tyrell

    Willas_Tyrell Builder Application

    16 Italy I heard about Westeroscraft by a friend, who send me some images of the server and I fell in love for it... I like also The Lord Of The Rings Game of Thrones Clash of Kings Storm of Swords Feast for Crows All of the above My favorite characters are: obviously...