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  1. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress Ferren (foster) by Finn01_

    Hey Lem Finn is not longer Part of our community... maybe we find someone else who could fix the grass.
  2. Jeffjunior77

    Probation: DaeronTheDarling

    Checked ur first House. All in all very solid! Approved by me :)
  3. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress House Sweet by Tobi

    Hey, I dont know if this works but i have a idea for the Lighthouse in sweet. We could make somthing like griffins Roast just way more smaller. Also it could be a hf what a Ligthhouse includes. That would bring way more variation in the Tera and makes it more intressting. Also u can see...
  4. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress Felwood by Kor

    Hey Since Kor is back and he is working again on felwood and the stormlands we could make this Project WIP again. :)
  5. Jeffjunior77

    Probation: DaeronTheDarling

    Welcome to the Team DaeronTheDaring! I will be your probation leader for the following weeks! U have to build 5 houses in 5 different styles but feel free to make more then 5 houses just make sure u post every Building in this thread. Important is that u mark ur houses with a sign and post all...
  6. Jeffjunior77

    The Top Builders with No Life

    Can we update this its fun and interesting :D
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  8. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress Project Application: House Swann by Aino

    Hey Aino i have a cool idea u maybe can use in Stonehelm! They are called Watermills of Jajce! Sinze u have some mall streams that come done the mountains it could be a cool feature. They are in Bonsia Herzegowina so in eastern europe the main inspiration for the stormlands ! U could place them...
  9. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress House Estermont by Jeff

    Hey jmc vest would be if u copy the area on ur plot and make a test plotting for the main houses. Else pls use for the houses the estermont house style it’s on my plot (/warp Jeff) or above estermont
  10. Jeffjunior77

    Completed House Lonmouth by Jeff

    i fixed all the Feeback from my mods and Lonmouth is rdy to approve :) ~Jeff
  11. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress House Estermont by Jeff

    Approved by me.
  12. Jeffjunior77

    Westeros Inktober

    Also i would love to make the same with terraforming. We could help builders that struggle withe there tera. If 3-4 ppl work a week on it huge progress could be made. Also it would increase the tera skills of ppl who don’t have a own project and they get first steps of experience!
  13. Jeffjunior77

    Westeros Inktober

    That is something I rlly would enjoy! I love helping out other project! Let’s do this :)
  14. Jeffjunior77

    Probation: Die Wursttheke

    Hey Wurst ! For pigeon sheed I approve but I hope guillard can go over the barn as the project lead! I don’t know what Guil has in mind for it! greenstone plot is on pause because I don’t know yet what I do with it so I approve but there will be changes in the future. Cobb house is not ur fault...
  15. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress House Estermont by Jeff

    Hey Finn! I am very happy to approve ur hf ! The tera will get little changes but it didn’t matter to ur hf! Ty
  16. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress Project Application: Maidenpool

    Hey Awb, cool that u wanna start MP but in my opinion as a outstanding person I would rlly suggest that u would make a smaller non canon project first. MP is a rlly hard first project and needs a lot of experience in terms of plotting tera and general building skills. Also there is a lot of...
  17. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress House Estermont by Jeff

    Hey jmc ur plans looks good but I would love to see a ingame plotting maybe make one on ur plot. The house style is the only issue. Pls use the house styles from the greenstone town guide. Ur grandite is also not correct pls check u follow the order from dark to bright. Jeff
  18. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress House Estermont by Jeff

    Hey Jake, Ty for ur idea but the main inspiration for greenstone are the Färor island. I discussed with my mods and otty to use this as my main inspiration. The färör island and known for their steep straight cliffs. Right now the main cliffs are still in a raw shape (sinze a small WE Issue...
  19. Jeffjunior77

    In Progress House Sweet by Tobi

    Hey Everyone, i apply for the fishingham at the North Coast! its alrdy in sweet since i help Tobi out with some tera! at the beach i plan a small doc and some fishing boats. ~Jeff
  20. Jeffjunior77

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Lonmouth

    Ty aeks sry my English is so bad and google translate is sometimes even worse