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  1. SerLoras

    Project Application - Greywater Watch by SerLoras

    Here is my take on Greywater Watch. I eagerly await you comments and criticism. If you're looking for just the map and test images, you'll find them here. You can see all the tests in game at /warp loras. There...
  2. SerLoras

    Large Scale Renders?

    Is there someplace that I can get some information/resources/guides on how to create large scale renders like this one of Kings Landing? My understanding is that it's a fairly involved process that requires specialized software and stuff, but I would love to play around with it and see if I can...
  3. SerLoras

    Completed House Mertyns of Mistwood

    APPLICATION SerLoras and Dartman are proud to present.... our application for House Mertyns of Mistwood! We have been working long and hard on ideas for this app, and we are finally ready for wider feedback! The Google Doc is best viewed from the docs page. Here is a direct link. This...