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  1. _TickleMonster_

    im back hoes

    after a very long depression in which i slept in my bathtub in multiple occasions and smoked more ounces of grass than i can count on my fingers, i am alive again and ready to build some low-quality houses which will definitely be melloned profusely :D
  2. _TickleMonster_

    tickle is back to haunt your dreams

  3. _TickleMonster_

    Pride Month!

    I know this server has a lot of LGBTQ+ members and allies, so we're doing a lot in the way of celebrating pride month! I thought it would be cool to have a place to post all the screenshots of people celebrating Pride month 2021 :) I'll go first:
  4. _TickleMonster_

    Funeral Service

    Today we celebrated the short life of Fernando. He was more than just a piece of art. He was a friend to all those who wished to be heard. Fly high, my friend. Rest In Peace.
  5. _TickleMonster_


    JJ, don't touch him. I swear if I come back and he's gone I will burn the whole hamlet. (not actually but you get the idea) JJLyric
  6. _TickleMonster_

    Probation: _TickleMonster_

    Hi :) This is my new probation thread - I was gone for a really long time due to personal reasons so I have to restart my probation! My first build is at /warp hammerhalhamlet1 at XYZ: -6860, 59, 20582. It's a low class farmers house.
  7. _TickleMonster_

    Probation: _TickleMonster_

    Hi! This is my probation thread First house is /warp parren at -6558, 69, 13562
  8. _TickleMonster_

    _TickleMonster_ Builder Application

    15 The USA I love Minecraft and have recently discovered Game of Thrones (the best thing ever) so I decided to see if there was a server dedicated to Game of Thrones. I found this server and looked at some of the pictures and I was SO impressed, so I decided to download the launcher and...