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  1. Iwan

    The Old Mods and the New

    Dear Community, we are sad to announce the retirement of three long-time staff members: WhereRmyDragons Endymion and ZeRamenGuy stepped down from modship. Both Dragons and Endy announced their desire to remain active members of the community, to whichever extent their real life obligations...
  2. Iwan

    New Rules regarding builds & plots

    (April Fools!) Dear Community, due to the steep increase in new builders (welcome to the team!) and an overall lack of available plots, the mods have decided that from now on, build plots shall be rationed. This is to assure that everyone, but especially our newest members, has equal...
  3. Iwan

    OT City Build: Special Builds

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  4. Iwan

    OT Sprawl: Projects

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  5. Iwan

    OT Sprawl: Districts

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  6. Iwan

    OT Sprawl: Introduction

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  7. Iwan

    OT Server Builds: Introduction

    Server Projects include the three major canon locations in Oldtown: The Battle Isle and the Hightower, the Citadel, and the Starry Sept. Due to their significance most readers of the books have their own, distinct vision of these locations. The aim of the server builds is to attempt to find a...
  8. Iwan

    OT Server Build: Starry Sept

    Leadership: tbd Trello:
  9. Iwan

    OT Server Build: The Citadel

    Leadership: tbd Trello:
  10. Iwan

    OT Server Build: Battle Island

    Leadership: Arkilstorm, WhereRMyDragons Trello:
  11. Iwan

    OT Team: Quality Assurance

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  12. Iwan

    OT City Build: Districts Overview

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  13. Iwan

    OT City Build: Introduction

    This subforum is dedicated to the organisation of the Oldtown city build. You will eventually find introduction threads to all Districts, style guides and all that other jazz. The Application Hub is home to all applications for special builds, gates, etc. Every structure that people can apply...
  14. Iwan

    OT Teams - Introduction APPLICATIONS OPEN

    Oldtown Dedicated Teams focus on certain overarching subprojects like the Sewers, Roads, Defenses or similar parts of the City, as explained before. In the following post, we explain the two different roles, Team Leader and Team Member in additional detail. You will learn about the requirements...
  15. Iwan

    OT Team: Terraforming

    Description: The Terraforming Team assists with all sorts of small and and editing tasks, which include the usual WE assistance as well as some large scale terraforming in the surrounding lands, e.g. the completion of the coast line, forests, rivers and the implementation of agriculture in the...
  16. Iwan

    OT Team: Parks & Gardens

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  17. Iwan

    OT Team: Canals & Rivers

    Description: This team focuses on the rivers and canals inside the city walls, which includes both finishing touches to the river terraforming, and the developing of styles for the canals and other water ways. The team also plans and organizes the water market and finds spots for other water...
  18. Iwan

    OT Team: Plazas & Squares

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  19. Iwan

    OT Team: Defenses

    Description: The Defenses Team continues and builds upon the work of WhereRmyDragons and Endymion, who have created the first renditions of the Oldtown defenses, viewable to the south and southeast of the city. These first approaches can be kept and used as a style guide directly, or they could...
  20. Iwan

    OT Team: Water & Sewage

    Description: The Waters & Sewage team continues the planning, designing and finalising of Oldtown's freshwater supply network and sewer system. A big part of the network is already planned out and just requires reviewing and finishing, but especially the western part of the city leaves room for...