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  1. Wazgamer

    Westeros Inktober

    Hey just a quick idea: Could we do like a westeroscraft inktober? With like a list of prompts of where and what to build. Could help encourage people to build at projects and we could arrange like a collage of all the “craftober” houses built and whoever has the most/best houses gets an award...
  2. Wazgamer

    Heralding Iwan

    Please continue the sea shanty below: Iwan OH Iwan! He was the greatest man! He tped you to the Eyrie and never had a query! Iwan OH Iwan! He placed the boats and got all the votes! Iwan OH Iwan! He was the greatest man!
  3. Wazgamer

    Style Green Fork River Banks

    Hey guys, I was running up the green fork and I noticed that the river banks are super inconsistent from one project to another. Even at Vypren and Terrick (built by myself and Arkil roughly at the same time) have different styles. One is boggy with lots of reeds and the other uses sand layers...
  4. Wazgamer

    Websites for nature research!

    Hey, I’ve been doing some research into woodlands, and the trees and wildflowers that live in them and came across these two websites. 1. Wildlifetrust 2.Woodlandtrust Obviously these are both British websites but a lot of the fauna also occurs in the rest of Europe. Both have information on...
  5. Wazgamer

    Planning Riverlands: Types of trees and forests

    Hi! I’ve been wondering recently what the consensus is for the types of trees that are found in the Riverlands. Throughout my time as builder there Alder trees were my go to. However I wanted to branch out from that alone and potentially get something more fitting. imo the riverlands is very...
  6. Wazgamer

    The setting of the sun.

    Listen to while reading They said the sun would never set on the British Empire, but time must go on. And now the sun has set on modship. I became a mod a couple of years ago now, from being a builder since late 2014, there year in which I met some of my closest friends wheter that be...
  7. Wazgamer

    Duskendale News

    This thread is for Duskendale related test and news, as we have an accomplished builder testing, along with the support of some mods. Regards - Lord Paramount Waz of the Riverlands
  8. Wazgamer

    Merry Christmas!

    Hello everyone I'd just like to wish you all a lovely day today and hope you have all had a good year as I have certainly ended mine on a high note. Enjoy the festivities and Merry Christmas to you all.
  9. Wazgamer

    I am back

    Hey just to let you all know, I'm now finished with uni for this semester so I reckon I'll be on a lot more. I do believe I have some outgoing projects still on the run in terms of my mod duties so PLEASE MAIL ME ON THE FORUM IF YOU NEED ANYTHING AT ALL. I'll make the effort to update the...
  10. Wazgamer

    University + me x stress/strain = busy^2

    With Uni started I'm far too busy to really be actively building day in day out, as I'm sure most of you are already aware. However just want to give a little update about my status. I'm doing great and will still continue to uphold my mod duties although things may be a bit slower. If you need...
  11. Wazgamer

    Summer contest 2018 - Science and Magic, starting June 15th!

    This Friday, the 2018 Summer contest will begin! We know It's short notice, but we hope this doesn't cause to many problems, and means you'll get plenty of time to work on your builds! We've chosen the theme "Science and Magic" as we believe this is an untapped area of build that should be...
  12. Wazgamer

    Discussion of re-organising projects for "list of projects" document

    Continued over from "list of projects" thread
  13. Wazgamer

    Jail Escape!

    So I set up a prank on amm when she was AFK and surrounded her with a jail escape challenge for when she returned, I've made it into a little mini-game at /warp Jailescape currently we've had 5 paticipants, only one has got out without the use of clues. If you wanta play msg me in game and i'll...
  14. Wazgamer

    burgrekonstruktion inspiration.

    Hey guys myself and some other builders have used the website "" in the past for inspiration, It's a website containing thousands of drawings of German castles, I believe it may actually be all of the Holy Roman Empire not just Germany, however I'm not 100% sure on that...
  15. Wazgamer

    Completed House Wylde of Rainhouse by Aslan

  16. Wazgamer

    Some Kingdom come deliverance pics!

    Click here! This is really just random pics that i decided to share!
  17. Wazgamer

    Abandoned Foster Project: House Estermont of Green Stone

    A project originally by Reygame who left the project unfinished to an extent, and who has now been absent from the server from the long time, we intend to fix it up and give it a facelift! This will be our 2nd foster project, and I believe it will take a lot less time as we're more just...
  18. Wazgamer

    Style Riverlands Palette Guide

    This is a revamped guide to the type of stone used in Riverlands palettes made by ollie a couple of years back. Here's the map, showing major builds of the Riverlands with 6 pointed stars, and colourising each stone type as seen above. Notes: Okay I tried to make this as accurate as possible...
  19. Wazgamer

    Westeros Craft: Builder's Corner Video Test

    So i managed to get the video uploaded. My main problems with it are just lag, and background noise etc I believe these all could be addressed with time, and editing .Our plan was to split this up into 4 episodes, however we currently don't have someone who could edit these vids for us so If...
  20. Wazgamer

    Road Script (With slabbing)

    As you probably know, the new update brought with it loads of new WorldEdit functionality, such as masks. I have been able to create a script for roads which will add a more natural looking rough edge to the road as well as automatically placing the slabs on inclines, something I'm aware had to...