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  1. mikeprimm

    Time to bump minimum memory...

    The latest update - which, as always, added more images to both our resource pack and to the WesterosBlocks mod to support new blocks - seems to have finally pushed us to the 'tipping point' for our default launcher memory settings (that is 2GB min/max for Java on the launched VM). From my own...
  2. mikeprimm

    Start of port to v1.12.2

    Folks, I've started doing some non-trivial work towards moving us to be based off of Minecraft v1.12.2 (including the corresponding update of Forge, and migration to the Sponge 7 API). Not sure how long this will take to get to a production quality, but I figure we will want to keep ahead...
  3. mikeprimm

    Server Updates

    I'll try to make a point of posting when (and, when appropriate, why) server updates have been performed.