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  1. IMajic

    Broken Tree Schematics?

    I noticed some trees are broken and they spawn 3-6 blocks down. Is it ok to fix it yourself or does a moderator fix it after you tell them? , as its time consuming but an easy fix I was trying to spawn in SentinelY and Sentinel schems all spawn in the ground :/ [asked emot] SentinelY is...
  2. IMajic

    In Progress House Cave by Majic

    House Cave document is to large to upload straight onto this thread, sorry thanks maj
  3. IMajic

    House Grim of Greyshield (thread closed)

    Hi all, some people know I've been testing for grey shield, (also google docs have ruined the look of the doc)=looks odd now, ahh well click link below if the document doesn't show click here for the Document spread heres the document and i hope you like everything, I am making a few extra...
  4. IMajic

    Completed Shadow tower by maj/endy

    firstly this app is finally here after 9 months of thinking/testing about yeah as the title says I am now doing this project solo as olaf and jakey will be unable todo this project alongside me because of that thing called school/uni. so heres the document(i will add more to)...
  5. IMajic

    The Shadow Tower by Schmiedolaf and majic

    Hey me and Olaf thought it was time to post this application ! also for convenience Olaf is main lead as I am already leading Erenford but still co-op this project, hope its all good and theres still some feedback to come :)
  6. IMajic

    Riverlands Map

    Just did these and thought they could help with the river lands overall yeah some area may be not accurate with the borders but i tried and it looks cool ;) RIVERLANDS REGIONS Wayn N Bigglestone N Bowshot Bridge N Chambers N Charlton N ------- Goodbrook N ---- Hag's Mire N...
  7. IMajic

    Completed House Erenford by Majic

    Hey, This is my first project house Erenford hope you like and get some feedback and approval ;)