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  1. Nomorefun_

    Saltpans by Nomorefun_

    Let it begin And Quite Isle is not part of this project, it should have it's own thread. Fun
  2. Nomorefun_

    Riverlands-Vale border style proposition, discussions and inspirations

    hello everyone ! I want start discussion and debate about ideas and inspirations about style of houses and buildings along Riverlands-Vale border. The Mountains of the Moon separate both regions and makes it difficult to change style of building. When we sure about more alpine look and style of...
  3. Nomorefun_

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Dyre Den

    Dyre Den House Brune of the Dyre Den The Crownlands Project Lead(s): NoMoreFun_ Build Type: Castle Warp: /warp dyreden Project Application: Build Status: Completed Start Date...
  4. Nomorefun_

    Redo Appeal: Saltpans

    Hey! I am appealing for Saltpans to be exempted from the No-Redo Rule under clause 1: b) Inadequate Canon Clause and c) Abandoned Build Clause Saltpans made by Carci in 2013 only focus at town itself and castle with fields at north side. I decide about redo because in scale of all lands...
  5. Nomorefun_

    Completed Project Application: House Brune of Dyre Den

    Hello, I talk with Dragons and he said I can apply for next project when I wait for post approval my last one, he said don't worry about it. So there is my application for House Brune of Dyre Den.
  6. Nomorefun_

    Completed Lands of House Lychester by NoMoreFun_
  7. Nomorefun_

    Completed House Keath by NoMoreFun_

    Hey, This is my first project house Keath Hope I don't forget about anythink and I'm open on feedback.
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    Probation: NoMoreFun_

    Low class farmer 1537 / 44 / 13050 /warp chelsted
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    Nomorefun_ Builder Application

    17 POLAND When I searched any information about KL I found your images of old Kings Landing and more informations abut WesterosCraft. LOTR, ERAGON All of the above All of the above My favourite character in ASOIAF is Ned Stark because he lived honorably and without...