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  1. Shymon

    Block Change Request: Retexture banners to use light and dark thatch textures, to be used as curtains.

    Request: Retexture banners to use light and dark thatch textures, to be used as curtains. Request Type: General Addition Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes. Hi, I would like to request if you could retexture the...
  2. Shymon

    Dark Theme bug hunt!

    Hello everyone! The forums are getting the Dark Theme and with new improvements come some nasty bugs, therefore we kindly ask you to report any weird things with the User Interface to this thread. As a reward, you'll have a good feeling about helping us improve our brand new Dark Theme. Mobile...
  3. Shymon

    In Progress Project Application: House Orme Update/Redo by Shymon

    Hello everyone! After ages, I finally managed to finish my tests and now with Ark's and Luk's blessing, I am applying for Orme. (Click on the Sigil to view the application) P.S. sorry for the weird spacing between images, Pages is such a pain to work with many images...
  4. Shymon

    Orme Redo Appeal

    I am appealing for the redo of house Orme. (click the sigil to view the redo appeal document)
  5. Shymon

    In Progress Update Application - District 32 - Pix & Shymon

    Hello thecoddfish , Pixeld_ and I plan to lead district 32 of the KL update. District Description District 32 spreads under Visenya’s Hill and is bordered by the Blackwater Way from the east. As far as we know, the district is rather unimportant. New Canon As far as we know, there is no new...
  6. Shymon

    Probation: Shymon184

    _Simbaa , since thou hast shown great interest in being my probation leader, this shall be henceforth my probation thread.
  7. Shymon

    Shymon184 Builder Application

    What is your age? 13-16 In what country are you living? Slovakia Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft? Searched online What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF? My most favourite character is probably Tyrion. He's a very witty and sarcastic character which made reading his...