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  1. electricthrusts

    Westeroscraft walks: Highgarden

    Hey everyone! Long time no see! Kobe and I are starting to plan out the mini series on the long awaited build, Highgarden. I’d love to use audio from builders discussing their builds, it’s also good to showcase you guys as you all worked so hard on it. please get in touch if you have any...
  2. electricthrusts

    Unable to join server

    Hi team, I've updated the launcher however I am unable to get on due to the horse mod not being found (my launcher is on 1.12.2 Many thanks, Electric
  3. electricthrusts

    Westeroscraft walks goes to White Harbor

    Listen one, listen all! Westeroscraft walks will soon be heading to White Harbor so id love to hear about any special builds that were done or backstories that can possibly be added into the video. We will be starting in the Harbor and will then slowly make our way though the city, then to the...
  4. electricthrusts

    WesterosCraft Walks - Get involved

    Hey guys, After the recent incident I want to change how Kobe and I approach WCW with you guys. After all these are your builds and your stories. With there being a poll in each episode, we don't know who will win until the day before the video is posted so sometimes it can be too late notice to...
  5. electricthrusts

    Westeroscraft walks- episode 100

    As some of you may have noticed were only a few episodes away from the big 100! And we’d love to hear about any extra special ideas of yours! Thanks for any suggestions!
  6. electricthrusts

    Westeroscraft X IBXToycat

    Kobe aka Hardzzgaming from westeroscraft did a collaborator with a larger channel, IBXToycat who has over 1 million subs! They travel round the server and talk about what we do. Should be some good exposure for the server as it has received 20K+ views in 2 days! Link below!