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  1. _Simbaa

    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    Yea, I am picking up Boggs again. While I have my Southshield app ready, Id rather finish Boggs first, and then do the islands, with a perhaps a chance of it becoming a mega build. -_Simbaa
  2. _Simbaa

    Block Change Request: Rope/Chain Pulley Block

    Request: Rope/Chain Pulley Block Request Type: Bugfix Describe the issue as detailed as possible, outline all the steps that lead to undesired behaviour. Include in which biome you have observed the effect. Include a screenshot of your video settings. Right now its impossible to have...
  3. _Simbaa

    Heralding Iwan

    yet under his oppression, we are all in his possession, Iwan OH Iwan! Would a server wide revolution, be the solution? Iwan OH Iwan!
  4. _Simbaa

    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    As I said, ideally I would have kept both going at the same time and jumped between them, however rules dont allow that. And Southshield should be small enough to keep me busy for a 1-1.5 years. Afterwards Ill finish Boggs as promised. Also it wouldnt be my project if havent abandoned it...
  5. _Simbaa

    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    Update: I have decided to take a break from this project, recently It hasn't been progressing at any meaningful pace. Therefore after consulting with some mods, I've decided to officially "abandon" this project, in order to squeeze a small project in-between Boggs, as I have quite burned out on...
  6. _Simbaa

    Block Change Request: Dark Brown Slate

    yea those are the ones i meant I think
  7. _Simbaa

    Project Application: House Norcross by Opaco

    I just want to point out the fact the we already have the equivalent of your inspiration on the server - Honeyholt, furthermore could we get some updated castle tests? Since if I understood you correctly, the current wool model at your test-plot is dated?
  8. _Simbaa

    Block Change Request: Dark Brown Slate

    Request: Dark Brown Slate Request Type: General Addition Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes. It would add a darker roof slate option for regions such has Stormlands & Vale and others... Furthermore if done right...
  9. _Simbaa

    Completed Project Application: House Westbrook by Ubeka & Simbaa

    It will be just the castle, and the TS blocks, by revisiting the lands i meant updating it with the new TS blocks. Thats about it
  10. _Simbaa

    Completed Project Application: House Westbrook by Ubeka & Simbaa

    Hi, I like to ask permission for a small Westbrook update. just a gradual over-the-time fix up of the Castle gradient along with an update to it with our new blocks, and some other minor changes, to help bring it up to date. I would probably include a a revisit to some parts of the lands aswell...
  11. _Simbaa

    Westeros Heritage List

    I would like to nominate The Crag, as it was the build that defined our latest Westerlands style
  12. _Simbaa

    Shield Islands

    Like many in the community know, I would like to aim for a Shield Islands Mega Project (Greyshield, Greenshield, Southshield) after finishing Boggs (in around 1 year). Right now I do have a Southshield Terra-test pasted in test that I have been reterraforming in my spare time ( its going through...
  13. _Simbaa

    Abandoned Horn Hill by Dragons, Wolf and Inf

    May I recommend giving Wolf time until summer? from my understanding he has been on hiatus due to his studies - like many other builders, and stripping his project away from him after 6 month since the last forums updates seems bit drastic? According to /seen he has been online a month ago which...
  14. _Simbaa

    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    Question: Given that the lore states the presence of deciduous trees on Cracklaw, would it be reasonable to include them - in forests and such, even though Dyrden has none? I was considering having some mixed forests on the South-western side of Boggs, with a transition to mostly full pine to...
  15. _Simbaa

    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    I would like to start extending the salt marsh into the ocean, towards the woolen markers I have set up. Given that this practically extends the Projects boundaries I would like to ask my approving mods for permission first.
  16. _Simbaa

    The Rookery - Winter 2021 Update

    Damn, I am missing a some children in the family tree, such as Eld, also I believe my probation leader was Dyvim. Love the content!
  17. _Simbaa

    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    Update on Boggs: 1. Castle has seen some final plotting changes and is currently in the middle of getting a gradient 2. Hamlets at Boggs1 & Boggs2 are mostly plotted and are being slowly built up 3. Hamlet at Boggs3 is currently in planning phase 4. Boggs4 isnt happening yet 5. Boggsham1 will be...
  18. _Simbaa

    A Stormlands Overhaul

    Agreed with dutch - no settlements would mean that there would be no reason to move/overhaul Wendwater at this point, as such decision should happen alongside the eventual Kingswood project/update
  19. _Simbaa

    A Stormlands Overhaul

    Just FYI there is already a large stone bridge near the Mouth of Wendwater. which could prove to be an issue for your water trade as cargoboats for KL would not be able to fit past it. Furthermore it is supposed to be the canon bridge where the 4th Blackfyre rebellion was crushed. This could be...
  20. _Simbaa

    Project Annexation Application: House Brune of Brownhollow

    I am still planning on doing so, just waiting for our next update to hit, before bringing it up again, since I will get some much needed coloring changes. For the general state of Boggs - it’s still happening & mostly waiting for the upcoming patch to hit & developing scripts, along with some...