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  1. Enah

    In Progress Project Application: Maidenpool

    But since when? Cause I am pretty sure it was allowed, and several people did not have to drop their projects, and it wasn’t helping it was co-leading.
  2. Enah

    In Progress Project Application: Maidenpool

    I was under the understanding that a builder co-op another project with someone but not give up their own personal project? Is this now no longer the case? Because if so then that’s unfair, for i have seen multiple projects touched and shaped by some people who has their own personal but were...
  3. Enah

    Project Application: House Norcross by Opaco

    I am finding the talk about Bandallon and it's cliffs funny. Bandallon's design is a 16th-17th century chateau with extra walls, and it is built to reflect having been eroded and reduced drastically in size from it's old first keep. The castle is the converted barbican/outer ward of the First...
  4. Enah


    Hey, I’m taking a break from the server. I’m at my wits end with certain people and I’m not going to continue letting myself get upset due to other’s having a superiority complex and constantly saying that they are better when they are not in the slightest. Seeya in a week or so
  5. Enah

    shelbfish Builder Application

    omg shel!
  6. Enah

    Block Change Request: Hanging bundle of dried flowers

    whispers I don't know how, perchance the gods of texture art might grace us with such examples and provide the server with wisdom and clarity.
  7. Enah

    Block Change Request: Hanging bundle of dried flowers

    Request: Hanging bundle of dried flowers Request Type: General Addition Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes. Herbalists, woodswitches, florists, spicers, kitchens and apothecaries all would use dried flowers beyond...
  8. Enah

    In Progress Project Application: House Melcolm of Old Anchor

    Do i need a second mod or is it time to go wild?
  9. Enah

    In Progress Project Application: House Melcolm of Old Anchor

    Greetings, Westerosi and Maesters! I humbly prostrate myself and ask, nae, beg to be given the permission to revamp Moore Septry, located directly adjacent to the OA lands. The septry, which comprises a 3 septon middle class house, tiny winery and a sept. would benefit from a remodelling and...
  10. Enah

    Gulltown Peninsula Terrain Discussion

    I'd been fooling with trying to steal into incorporating GT and RS into a megaproject too D: but hadn't thought I could do it. I made a map a while back that I haven't finished, and thought a rivery bay with flatter terrain (hills not steep mountains) of course, I had inspirations drawn...
  11. Enah

    Block Change Request: Arbor Light Stone Slabs And Pale Yellow Plaster Slabs

    Yes, plaster slabs for all please and thanks.
  12. Enah

    Abandoned [Ported] Harvest Hall by IwanDeLarch

    it's not abandoned? iwan's still in charge of it
  13. Enah

    In Progress Project Application: House Melcolm of Old Anchor

    I should probably mention I’m not abandoning this project, I’ve just found little time and been busy in life to go in game. But fret naught, I shall return soon enough
  14. Enah

    Block Change Request: Gulltown and Lannisport Manhole

    those would typically come when they are being done... as they did with the others
  15. Enah

    Introducing: The "Kachelofen"

    We originally were going to have these in Highgarden, but changed them to hearths instead. There was also one in the maesters of Bandallon but I think it’s a mini hearth now I don’t remember. Of course that’s not counting if you want to include a 2x2 corner fireplace of walls as a furnace
  16. Enah

    Oldtown: Feedback and Suggestions

    How is it in that for those of us who have not read it?
  17. Enah


    you're single-handedly destroying saltpans' and uffering's monopolies on salt
  18. Enah

    Block Change Request: Cultural and Climate Variants for Clotheslines

    Why are you displaying elements of my wardrobe D:<
  19. Enah

    In Progress Project Application: House Melcolm of Old Anchor

    Hello, there are plots open in /warp oatown marked with oxidized bronze. That is all.
  20. Enah

    In Progress Project Application: House Melcolm of Old Anchor

    So, I should probably make it clear I have to put this on hold for a bit. Not abandoning, I just have too many issues staying in game and I guess my internet/computer is just crap now. Hopefully will get a new computer (after a new car, sigh) soon.