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  1. zanji

    Block Change Request: Stacked Peat

    Request: Blocks, slabs and (or) walls of Stacked Peat Request Type: General Addition Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes: There isn't really a way to portray peat as fuel right now. The peat block is too "bulky" and using...
  2. zanji

    In Progress Application for House Ironsmith

  3. zanji

    Wiki Wiki Submission for Hamell

    Hamell House Hamell The Westerlands Project Lead(s): _zanji Build Type: Castle Warp: /warp hamell Project Application: Build Status: Completed Start Date: Sep 1, 2021 Completion Date: Jun...
  4. zanji

    Game doesn't start with liteloader installed.

    Installed liteloader and put it into the mods folder, but then the game doesn't start anymore. Only when I disable it in the launcher again it works.
  5. zanji

    Completed Application for House Hamell

    Link to the application
  6. zanji

    Application: House Chambers

    HOUSE CHAMBERS (I made this coat of arms myself without any photoshop skills whatsoever since there is no sigil for them so dont judge me for such a simple design :3) Builder: zanji Resume: - tavern at benjicotscrossing - House Wells in the north Lore: They sided with Rhaenyra Targaryen...
  7. zanji

    Cant build/break

    So when I break a block the chat sais: You dont have an administrators permission to build. When I write smth in the chat my name is green, also when im joining. Whats going on here?
  8. zanji

    Completed Application for House Wells in the north

    Id like to apply for the House Wells in the north.
  9. zanji

    Completed Immersion Build Application - Tavern east of Stoney sept - by zanji

    Immersion Build Builder: zanji Coordinates: -519 56 10507 East of Stoney Sept Research/Inspiration Taverns and especially Inns are important for people traveling through the country. Mostly for the merchants, kingslanding isnt that far away and if you follow the streat southwards and...
  10. zanji

    Launcher cant find Java

    So I installed the launcher for my brother on his pc. I also installed Java 8 x64, chosed the right java file (javaw), but when i press play, the launcher cant find the right Java file. I uninstalled java multiple times, for then installing it new. I also started the whole pc again and again...
  11. zanji

    _zanji probation

    _zanji (epke) probation thread