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  1. Aino

    Update Application - KL2 by the weird russian lady

    I would personally argue against hesitating over doing substantial replotting for KL2, which would require nuking more houses than we would typically prefer. The current plotting throughout the district is woefully inadequate, and I feel at this point we should learn our lesson that it usually...
  2. Aino

    In Progress Project Application: House Swann by Aino

    Project Update: so at the moment I'm still working on the terra for the mountains, some of the stuff near lonmouth/wagstaff is approaching completion but most of it has a long way to go. Once the mountains in this approaching completion area are essentially done, I plan on building the first...
  3. Aino

    Dornish Marches Terra

    I feel I don't have much of value to share about this but I would like to see us move away from this really harsh reddish brown ts in the stormlands red mountains. It just.. feels wrong for the type of mountains we've been going for in the region, I dont see what real life equivalent the server...
  4. Aino

    In Progress Project Application: House Swann by Aino

    So I in no way plan on making the town similar in size to WT, I've been pretty vague about exactly how large I intend the town but it'll be roughly a third the size of WT or so. I also don't want to make the port too large as well; it's hard to say to what extent it will be limited because...
  5. Aino

    In Progress Project Application: House Swann by Aino

    George really had to make my life harder by specifically describing the marches as inland while also saying the Red Watch is in the marches while also on the coast \-_-/
  6. Aino

    In Progress Project Application: House Swann by Aino

    The exact coursing of the rivers/streams isn’t meant to be completely realistic or accurate to what it will actually look like; I plan of altering the terrain of the entire project and establishing an exact pathing of the rivers atm is a fruitless waste of time. I will try my best to make the...
  7. Aino

    In Progress Project Application: House Swann by Aino

    My idea behind the palette was to make it not like blackhaven while also keeping within the “black and white” palette described in the canon. I figured that since sources go out of there way to describe blackhaven, and not stonehelm, as made of black basalt stones, these castles would be notably...
  8. Aino

    In Progress Project Application: House Swann by Aino

    Hello, this is my application for House Swann of Stonehelm: Have fun reading :) -Aino
  9. Aino

    Redo Appeal: Stonehelm

    Hiya, I am requesting Stonehelm be exempted from the No-Redo Rule under clause 1(b) - Inadequate Cannon Clause. Stonehelm is situated over the River Slayne, which canonically is known for its rapids, pools, and waterfalls– this is not represented along the whole river, from Grandview to the...
  10. Aino

    In Progress Application Thread: House Varner Redo by Jakethesnake

    okay nerds, lesbos is back but gayer than ever before; plots are now open at /warp sapphoshire, look for the example house and feel free to message me if you have any questions :)
  11. Aino

    In Progress Project Application: House Tarth by ViserysII

    Romanian stormlands Lets Go!
  12. Aino

    KL Remaster Steering Committee

    I would like to apply to this committee now that it is actually going to be a thing; I have been leading KL13 for a while now and have been building in the project since the time it started. I am mostly interested in the planning/cohesion aspects of this, this is where I feel my contributions...
  13. Aino

    Block Change Request: 3D Tools and Utensils

    I am personally very much not a fan of this specific change, the 3D tools and utensils just look.. odd and out of place. I can't say whether its that they're 3D models or if its something to do with their texture/design, but it feels wrong to me, for lack of a better description. I am probably...
  14. Aino

    Update Application - District 13

    Hello, so a number of plots have been opened but in the south and southwest of kl13, I have changed the rules so that anyone can build at any plot and any time like they would in a typical project, as long as it doesn’t require a test beforehand. The new plots are marked with gold blocks, please...
  15. Aino

    Update Application - District 13

    I forgot to mention this earlier because im a very organized and proactive person :) but there are two High Class houses open for testing along the main street and near the square.
  16. Aino

    Update Application - District 13

    i left fb on your test
  17. Aino

    Update Application - District 13

    kk, parts of KL13 are now open for building, remember to read all the signs :) I also need a mod to move the warp to where the signs are
  18. Aino

    Update Application - District 13

    Thank you for responding! So, my current plan is to spilt the building into roughly four stages, the first starting with the section north of the main road, along the border with KL4, followed by a similar section to the south, then to the east, and finally the west. I chose to do it this way...