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  1. Ammika

    In Progress Application for House Ladybright ☆

    Click here if you are gay
  2. Ammika

    In Progress Immersion build- Construction of a keep

    Inspiration: This build is heavily inspired by Guédelon Castle. I've changed a couple of things including tower position and stage of construction. We don't really have anything like this on the map so far and I think it would be really cool to have a keep being constructed for once instead of...
  3. Ammika

    Banefort Editing Needed

    I know this is kinda hopeless but BF is in some serious need of terra. I do have WE and voxel powers however my laptop lacks the RAM to even run the game sometimes and using WE/voxel makes it worse. I have a laptop picked out I'm just waiting to find time to discuss and order it. I feel like...
  4. Ammika

    Gettin some surgery done

    This Monday I’m getting my tonsils/adenoids ripped out of my throat and I wanted to know if anyone else has had it done recently- and if they have could you maybe tell me some of the foods you ate? Google says “soft foods” but there aren’t that many listed and I really don’t want to eat...