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  1. AerioOndos

    Project/update application: Norrey

    I've been silly and done a lot of planning on paper. Anyway, I've plotted the interior buildings of the castle and will be changing the level of the snow. However, I've dragged my feat on actually building these but they are relatively simple. I will have them done tonight. I might work on a...
  2. AerioOndos

    Almanach Expansion + Abilities, Region, and Religion

    in regards to combat ability, the Old Andal Seven worship mentioned in the Vale quest section could produce an interesting specialisation. Andal Beserker (like Torgett "The Grim" Tollett): Base damage buff Axe damage buff Damage reduction from all sources Cannot see health bar after taking damage
  3. AerioOndos

    Almanach Expansion + Abilities, Region, and Religion

    RO abilities would also have to create an incentive to play as that region. Or detractors that will reduce the wish to play that region. From the statistics collected earlier (in the market research section) the largest proportion of players are interested in being a Northern character. However...
  4. AerioOndos

    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    I think not having arrow slits would add to the other-worldliness of the structure
  5. AerioOndos

    Probation: Wylla

    No1 is good. Just remember you can make more interesting thatch carpets using thatch blocks in the floor. 2 again, you don't always have to use carpet, using the full block as part of the floor adds nice variation 3 all g 4 was g already 5 No log, is good 6 The changes look good 7 Only thing I...
  6. AerioOndos

    Probation: Wylla

    Build 4: I <3 the duskendale style and you did a wonderful job here. Only thing left I think is the yard but that is shared between so many builds. maybe some of the 'rough wooden piles' on the street could have migrated. The fish-cellar is a really interesting bit of immersion. I've only got...
  7. AerioOndos

    Probation: Wylla

    Build 3: This one is beautiful, again, small details are the only things that need to be touched up. I should have mentioned it already, I am a bit of a realism hard-liner. -Vines need to touch the ground. -the plot was called 'very simple' so in line with that oak shutters would be best...
  8. AerioOndos

    Probation: Wylla

    I had very few problems at all with your first house, so don't be daunted by the wall of melons, I've only waffled on a bit on site. -Your chimney is really tall. just shorten it maybe 1-2 blocks to match with the style guide. and maybe some smoke too to make plain that there are embers in the...
  9. AerioOndos

    Probation: Wylla

    Okay, so I have the pleasure of being your Probation Leader! I'll get to looking at your houses shortly :) Be aware that even if a Project Leader approves your build, I will not necessarily approve them. I still check for little details I am in the AEST timezone which will make giving feedback...
  10. AerioOndos

    Almanach Expansion+ Workbench Types and Recipe Links

    Goldenheart is not something that can be made. It is a rare wood grown on two of the Summer Isles. Only a few of the Golden Company, a group of Summer Islanders, wield greatbows made from it. And what is more, the trade of Goldenheart to outsiders has been halted following the Slaver Wars so...
  11. AerioOndos

    Almanach Expansion + Items

    There are no real descriptions of things employed in armour only used in most realms. In fact, most of the description of armour comes from highly detailed tourney armour or otherwise ceremonial pieces. So a man-at-arms from the North and from the Westerlands should have roughly the same...
  12. AerioOndos

    Almanach Expansion + Food & Crafting Recipes

    I've spotted a difference between the recipes and the doc. So sugar is presumably expensive and rarely used and Honey is the mainstay. So these candied fruit recipes should include honey rather than sugar. PS, sugar is in no way needed to make honey from honeycomb. In fact, honey is more often...
  13. AerioOndos

    Project/update application: Norrey

    thanks Cash! Really eager to get started! The triangular castle idea is actually not really based on inspiration from Scotland but instead bronze age structures in Sardinia that are also unmortared (Nuraghe/i). I went for Nuraghi as inspiration because some had arrow slits in them, something I...
  14. AerioOndos

    Antony Builder Application

    Using the BBcode and linked bb code links in Imgur usually works for me.
  15. AerioOndos

    Johan´s Mini project rulebook

    When I was doing uffhm1 I had a long period where 1 person, Qbbq iirc, built but none of the other plots were done. This meant that after two weeks of only plotting and working on vegetation, I had 1 example house built and 1 of my 8 or nine buildings left around, desperately wanting attention...
  16. AerioOndos

    Westeroscraft walks- episode 100

    As long as it includes the beaches. Cos those are absolutely beautiful
  17. AerioOndos

    Waterman, by Lord_damascus

    For the palisade/stake wall, I suggest testing with styles akin to the dreadfortvillage, mistwood and wull. The wall in your test seems like it is made of logs. Try using wood for the top block so it doesnt seem like the thin log has been nailed into the thick one, but rather that it is the same...
  18. AerioOndos

    House Doggett - Desmera

    but the house likely lost stored jewels, etc in the fire