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  1. AerioOndos

    Project/update application: Norrey

    As the resume that looks nicely formatted in the google doc is munted on the forums so here it is again Iron: Knotthf a veritable ton of probie houses Aeksio: Ufferingham1 Knott lumber and ringfort mini-minis not quite as many houses So this is the co-op update/foster of Norrey by myself and...
  2. AerioOndos

    Character Skins

    Who would be the best character to have a skin of? Hotpie the wight who Sandor throws a stone at and has one eye. Areo Hotah are my starting ideas
  3. AerioOndos

    Dynmap issues

    Hi Iwan or whoever checks this out, I've noticed a recent problem with the dynmap at mc.westeros. its just reloading again and again, causing a screen flicker and the map to disappear and load again, often taking me out of the zoom I was in, or map arrangement (birds eye, isometric). Is there...
  4. AerioOndos

    Is there any evidence for Hot Pie being Azor Ahai?

    Well, Is there? What if the red priests translation of the prophecy, that the saviour will be the 'lords chosen' this lord being the lord of light, was incorrect as Aerio Onos is lord of light and Aeksio Ondos is goldenhand. There are only a few characters with golden hands. Jaime Lannister is...
  5. AerioOndos

    Probation: AeksioOndos

    Ok, this is my probbie thread.
  6. AerioOndos

    AerioOndos Builder Application

    15 Britain but live in Australia Looking around for good minecraft designs to take inspiration from. I found some of the wallpapers and then found they were from GoT/ASoIaF and then checked them out. Soon found Westeroscraft Walks and watched every episode available (about 38-48 at the...