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  1. Xeson

    Website down?!

    I think the website is down. The url works, but all links which start only with are not working. Not sure if this is still a known issue. Best regards, Xes
  2. Xeson

    Project Application: House Sawyer by Xeson

    Hey all. I would like to present my project application for the knightly house Sawyer in the Reach. *Please Note: The location itself is not yet approved, but @Emotione11 recommended that this step could be done during the current application and, if necessary, that I then should adapt the...
  3. Xeson

    Probation: Xeson

    This is my probation thread.
  4. Xeson

    Xeson Builder Application

    20 Germany mainly through your YouTube Channel and a website I can't remember which presented great server projects. Also, your first version of the Red Keep and Kings Landing on Planetminecraft impressed me and after this I finally visit your server. Now I'm online every day to see...