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    In Progress Project Application: Wickenden Redo

    Happy to jump in for the post-approval!
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    Hellholt Redo Appeal

    Hey Alex, we've discussed your redo appeal and decided to approve it considering Hellholt is incomplete and abandoned. When you can however, try to salvage some of the current Hellholt. Good luck with the app!
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    The Arbor: Applications thread

    I've reviewed a last time your app FD001__ , I'm happy with it and will paste it in production. Good job! And keep up with the good work on the ships as well.
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    The Arbor: Applications thread

    Hey FD001__ & Jakethesnake8_8 Good job on both your app for the estate! I've worked a bit with both of you and gave some feedback along the way. I just want to leave a bit more time in case someone else would want to apply as well. For the galeass, it looks quite good FD001__, I'll check with...
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    In Progress Project Application - Isle of Faces

    Sorry forgot to reply, the tests are good so it's good for me as well!
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    Block Change Request: Thatch gredients

    Have to be careful with that, thatch is used in other ways (to represent fibers, textiles or other stuff).
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    In Progress Project Application: Darkdell

    Same here, you can go.
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    In Progress Project Application: Darkdell

    It's a pretty great work you guys have done for this app, I don't have any major concerns and trust your abilities to make this project a smooth transition between Reach and Dorne. Consider it approved and ready to go! Just the same reminder than Dutch: let me check plotting before opening, for...
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    The Arbor: Feedback, Suggestions & Testing

    There is some industry connected to all this included in the arsenal plotting: a very long roppery, sail makers, etc. And you're right about the fabrics/textiles needs, we'll see flax and hemp fields here and there around the Arbor for that! Havent plotted mills dedicated to this, but there...
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    The Arbor: Applications thread

    I've been following this work for some time, and I'm happy to see you take it up. So it's good for me and approved! Just a few things to keep in mind forward: - there's some canon on the castle, so make sure the ints fit it - I want to check the plotting before opening - same with the potential...
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    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    The update is great, thanks so much for the work guys, big shout out to Emoticone11 and Thamus_Knoward for the amazing work!!
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    In Progress Project Application - Isle of Faces

    Just a note: Jakethesnake8_8 you are reminded to not pick up another project to work on. Joke aside, I'm rather serious, you're already working on too many projects and sub projects, so I suggest to keep focusing on your already active ones.
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    In Progress House Garner: Application Thread

    Flax is native to Asia Minor (present-day Turkey), but it was imported in Europe at least 2000 years ago. It is widely used on the server, and it was one of the main resource to create fabric for clothes or other stuff like sails. Cotton would need a warmer climate with more rains, so I'd...
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    Low Block Change Request: Removing Timber Frame Cross Blocks CTM

    Could an option be to just add a X frame block with vertical borders and no CTM? So that builders can use both systems? There are some places where I think the vertical frame makes a lot of sense (even aesthetically), but I can understand that for some facades it would mean working over them to...
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    The Arbor: Status and informations

    RYAMSPORT UPDATE N°2 It's taken me some time, sorry for not posting it earlier, but as you may know, Ryamsport harbor is now open for building! The style guide is floating above, please make sure to read all signs! You can all get there by /warp RPharbor (or /warp Ryamsport, which is located at...
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    Westeroscraft 10 Year Anniversary

    Wow I'm up for a pvp raid/battle at Uffering
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    Block Change Request: Bougainvillea block and vines

    Like Marge mentioned, I'd suggest to rather include a specific block for Wisteria (which is originated from Eastern Asia), it would make more sense.
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    The Arbor: Applications thread

    I'll take a look, but it should be fine!
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    The Arbor: Applications thread

    xdaenerystargaryen no longer has the test so the quarry is now open again for application.
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    The Arbor: Applications thread

    Great, as far as I remember, I was pretty happy with your work with the vassal keep, so I'm sure it'll be good. I'll take a look asap and let you know.