What is WesterosCraft?

WesterosCraft is a community centered around faithfully recreating the universe imagined by author George RR Martin in his book series A Song of Ice and Fire within Minecraft. Ultimately, we aim to use this world we have created as the stage for a roleplaying game. In pursuit of this endeavor we aim to provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for our creative community at all times.

To accomplish this we use our Forums , this Wiki , a Dynamic Map , Discord , a Custom Launcher , and the Song of Ice and Fire books in addition to hundreds of online resources that we use to learn as much as possible about the world we are building.

Most importantly, we are an open community of friends dedicated to both our loves for Minecraft and the ASoIaF series. We are welcoming to anyone who wants to join in and share in these interests!
Jul 25, 2017
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