The World

How big is the map? How did you get it so big, world painter does make them that big?

  • The map is currently several dozen gigs in file size. If you're wondering about the dimensions, it's roughly 22,000 x 59,000 blocks. About 806.51 sq km / 501.14 sq mi, roughly the size of Los Angeles.
  • Whilst World Painter was used as a 'foundation' for the continent of Westeros, we continue to refine the landscape of the map via tools such as voxel sniper and world edit, which allow for much more intricate terraforming.

How did you make the map?

  • We used a program called WorldPainter to shape the map and do basic terraforming. In-game we use a mixture of hand work, WorldEdit and VoxelSniper to refine the terrain further.

How many people have built on the server?

  • Since the start of the project, we have had countless numbers of people come and go, and the number of people changes constantly. For example, over the course of the King's Landing build 173 individual builders contributed.

What cities are currently finished?

  • We recently completed the capital of Westeros, King's Landing. We are in the process of finishing up White Harbour, the seat of House Manderly. Planning is underway for Oldtown, seat of House Hightower, and the cultural hub of Westeros.

Is the server based on the books or the HBO show?

  • We prioritise canon from the books, however we do use the show extensively as inspiration, especially when it comes to creating interiors familiar to show viewers!

What time period is the server set in?

  • The server is built based on canon for the period between book 1, "A Game of Thrones" and book 2, "A Clash of Kings" However we do use canon from other books that elaborate on locations on the map.
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