Frequently Asked Questions

Where do our beautiful trophy icons come from?

Summer 2017 contest "The Stepstones": pirate ship by Madison Apple from the Noun Project

Winter 2016 contest "History": quill pen by Alina Oleynik from the Noun Project

Autumn 2016 contest "Decay": ruin by João Archer from the Noun Project

Does the Windows Ten Version of Minecraft work or do I have to buy it direct from Mojang for the PC?

  • In order join the server you need the "Java Edition" of Minecraft. This is the standard version compatible on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Where can I donate?

  • You can donate directly on the right-hand homepage sidebar.

How big is the map? How did you get it so big, world painter does make them that big?

  • The map is currently several dozen gigs in file size. If you're wondering about the dimensions, it's roughly 22,000 x 59,000 blocks. About 806.51 sq km / 501.14 sq mi, roughly the size of Los Angeles.
  • Whilst World Painter was used as a 'foundation' for the continent of Westeros, we continue to refine the landscape of the map via tools such as voxel sniper and world edit, which allow for much more intricate terraforming.

What can I do on the server?

  • If you are a new visitor, you are free to explore the server and it's builds at your leisure. Unfortunately you will not be able to build until you have put in an application on our forums and been accepted. For more info about this, read the relevant FAQ entry above.

What is WesterosCraft?

WesterosCraft is a community centered around faithfully recreating the universe imagined by author George RR Martin in his book series A Song of Ice and Fire within Minecraft. Ultimately, we aim to use this world we have created as the stage for a roleplaying game. In pursuit of this endeavor we aim to provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for our creative community at all times.

To accomplish this we use our Forums , this Wiki , a Dynamic Map , Discord , a Custom Launcher , and the Song of Ice and Fire books in addition to hundreds of online resources that we use to learn as much as possible about the world we are building.

Most importantly, we are an open community of friends dedicated to both our loves for Minecraft and the ASoIaF series. We are welcoming to anyone who wants to join in and share in these interests!

Why should I donate?

  • Running a server of this size and scale requires a lot of money to keep it going. If you are a fan of our work and are feeling generous, any donations are gratefully welcomed!

How did you make the map?

  • We used a program called WorldPainter to shape the map and do basic terraforming. In-game we use a mixture of hand work, WorldEdit and VoxelSniper to refine the terrain further.

How do I visit a location?

  • If you know the name of the place you want to visit, type /warp [location] in the chat. Replace [location] with the name of your destination. Warp names are one word only with no punctuation. For example, to warp to King's Landing type /warp kingslanding in chat. If you don't know the name or you are unsure about the spelling you are welcome to ask.

  • A great way to explore new locations is /warp map. The World Overview contains some of the most iconic and important locations in Westeros, as well.

  • To see all of our warps in one place, or just to check out the scale of our map, check out our dynamic map . You can focus it on your character to follow your journey through Westeros, as well as enable and disable different layers of information, such as player names or warps (this can be useful to find out where you are - but beware, there is a lot of warps! Enabling this layer while zoomed out may cause your browser to freeze or crash.)

  • You can always ask builders in chat for any tips on what to check out, e.g. newer builds, points of interest etc.

What is a custom launcher and why do you have one?

We've been at this a long time now! Over the years, we have found that vanilla Minecraft was too limiting in what we wanted to do as a server. We decided that we needed to develop our own launcher in order to accommodate for our continually growing needs. Our launcher acts as a platform through which we can easily modify the base Minecraft 'game', adding a number of custom blocks, texture packs etc.

As long as you have a legal copy of Minecraft which verifies via the Mojang servers, you should be able to use our launcher without issue. You can purchase a digital copy of Minecraft here.

What can I get if I donate?

  • If you donate at least $10, you can get a custom title in game as thanks!

How many people have built on the server?

  • Since the start of the project, we have had countless numbers of people come and go, and the number of people changes constantly. For example, over the course of the King's Landing build 173 individual builders contributed.

What cities are currently finished?

  • We recently completed the capital of Westeros, King's Landing. We are in the process of finishing up White Harbour, the seat of House Manderly. Planning is underway for Oldtown, seat of House Hightower, and the cultural hub of Westeros.

I am having difficulty logging into the server, what can I do?

  • Head over to our Troubleshooting Guide. It answers the most frequent issues users had in the past, and is likely to contain the answer to your problem as well. If your problem persists you may contact us via the Support Forum.Please note that requests not following the Submission Rules will be deleted.

Is the server based on the books or the HBO show?

  • We prioritise canon from the books, however we do use the show extensively as inspiration, especially when it comes to creating interiors familiar to show viewers!

When can I roleplay on the map?

  • We have been working on this project (creating the map) since late 2011. So far, we've redone our map a couple of times in the pursuit of creating even more incredible builds. At present we are roughly at 62% completion.

  • Unfortunately, we can not make a reliable prediction about when we would be able to finish this, but we're getting closer with every house and every castle that's built. You can contribute to this by applying to become a builder!

  • Here is a link to our list of WesterosCraft Projects .

What time period is the server set in?

  • The server is built based on canon for the period between book 1, "A Game of Thrones" and book 2, "A Clash of Kings" However we do use canon from other books that elaborate on locations on the map.

Can I download the map?

  • Unfortunately the whole map is not available for download. This is for a number of reasons, primarily because the map is several tens of GB in size. The map is always free to explore via our launcher.
  • We provide download links to some of our most iconic locations. These places have since been remade on our server, but you may visit them by downloading them here.

Are you going to build Essos? (Qarth, Astapor, Braavos, etc)

  • While the immediate goal is to finish Westeros, there is a great deal of interest in Essos and its creation. It is more than likely we will create all of Essos, but it will still be quite some time before we get there.

What are the ranks of the server?

  • Guest: This is the default starting rank. Whilst Guests are unable to alter the map, they are free to engage with builders, and explore the various cities and towns across Westeros.

  • NewBuilder, [N]-Builder: Also called Probation Builder, or Probie. They have permissions to build, but are required to meet certain requirements. An experienced builder assists them during their first weeks of being a builder, ensuring that they get to grips with the community.
  • Builder: The server's main contributors. They create most of the content by hand.

  • Builders with Editor Lite, [E]-Lites: Builders can apply for limited WorldEdit perms to use for terraforming (usually on a small scale) their own projects.
  • Editors: These are builders with permissions for WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. They handle minor worldediting requests on behalf of builders, as well as large terraforming projects such as rivers, mountain ranges etc.
  • Moderators: Handle the administration of the server. They reply to builder applications, organise and moderate content creation, serve justice and officially represent the community.
  • Coders: The technical backbone of the server, they maintain the complex workings 'behind the scenes.'
  • Administrators: The founders and of the server, they are in control of the finances and hardware.
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