Hi, all!

In the lead up to the final season of Game of Thrones, the mod team and I would like to announce a fun contest for everyone! We all have theories of who will win the game of thrones, who Azor Ahai is, and where the hell Gendry ended up, but we all know the funnest part of the show is guessing who will live and who won’t live to see a dream of spring.

So, as per tradition we invite you to participate in our Season 8 Death Pool! Simply enter your choices into the linked form, and enjoy seeing how correct you are as the season progresses. If validation that you’re smarter than everyone else isn’t enough motivation to participate, the three with the most accurate guesses at the end of the show will win gift card prizes!

Official rules are as follows:
  • The form will be open until April 14, 12:00 GMT+1.
  • There may only be one entry per person.
  • We will post the spread sheet on the forums as soon as polls are closed, and we will announce winners after the last episode is aired.
  • The first place winner receives a $20 USD gift card from either Amazon or Steam, and the first two runner ups will each receive a $15 USD gift card from either Amazon or Steam.
To ensure impartiality, IwanDeLarch, who will tally the points, will not be participating in the contest. As an addendum regarding point tallying: If a character is AWOL and it’s unclear whether they live or die, we assume that they live. For example, we are unlikely to see the direwolf Nymeria. If we don’t see her die in the show, she will be counted as alive in the contest.


EDIT: The results are in: https://tinyurl.com/WCDeathPool
Over the next few days we will be attempting to upgrade the forums in place. These upgrades could cause downtime during the process and the forums should reflect this as they happen. Thank you for your understanding during this continuing series of updates to the systems that run the community.

- Will
Hi all,

the last few days we've expanded test a little bit, occupying the unused areas in the top and bottom areas. We hope to expand even further in the near future, if that is logistically feasable.

Meanwhile, we started setting up the large, 200x200 test plots we promised ages ago. Hooray!
There are now 28 of these available, but please don't rush to claim one!

Because space is limited and clearing space without irreversibly removing stuff is not easy, we are going to slowly integrate old test plots into new ones. Going from bottom to top, we will successively move plots out of the way (either to the top right corner, if we haven't seen you for a while) or to one of the brand new plots) to make way for more plots.

This means:
  • You can not claim a large plot yourself but will be assigned one
  • This whole ordeal will take a lot of time, please be patient
  • We are moving your warps, too, but we're just putting them somewhere obvious on the new plot. If you need them placed somewhere special, ask one of the mods to move it for you.
  • If we forget to move your warp and instead of your beloved test plot, you find a gaping hole in the ground, go search in either the top right corner of test or the bottom area where the large plots are.
  • No guarantee that stuff built outside your plots limits will be moved. We do try to arrange for as little impact on your stuff as possible, tho.
  • Be happy for those builders that received a new test plot already
  • If you're being pushy you'll get your plot last :mad:
Moving stuff around test is difficult, especially while the double-chest bug persists. It's hugely time consuming to find all double chests that are left behind by moving a plot. You can help if you clear your test plots of all unnecessary double chests. Chests that contain items are copied, so don't be afraid to lose your favourite head collection.

After your plot has been moved please check if everything is A-OK. If not, uh, sorry....
Hi everyone,

There's currently a bug in the Test world where people don't automatically have perms to build. Illblew is working to fix it and it shouldn't be a problem for long. For the time being, if you need to build somewhere in test, just ask or message a moderator and they'll be able to grant you perms there.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Should hopefully be fixed ASAP

- Moderation team
Hey everyone! We are switching to a new site architecture today so there may be some downtime. The server should be fine though. I will update here when everything is done!
Hey guys

Because I'm a psycho whos never satisfied, I've coded another website design. But, this time I brought actual design and dev experience from my old job and I think its the best result yet for one of our sites. Working with designers though doesn't make me a designer though and I welcome some feedback from anyone who would give it, on both design and content.

Here are the 'main' links that I need feedback on. Glitches, design, bugs. I only have an iPhone, so someone with an Android or other phone could give feedback on any links would be awesome. The site isn't totally completely done but a big core is there - I need to do an About Us page etc, some links dont work, text needs filled in and there are a few features I want to make but not important right now - so please keep that in mind!

Home page:
Chronicle Page (this is the new Wiki)
Chronicle Entry (what a submission to wiki would look like)
Launcher Page:

Again, any feedback on design, content or ideas you might have for making the community site better I would love to hear.
Hey guys an area with various christmas activities has been made (/warp christmas2018) and there is a contest area there which we can have a christmas themed contest, however there wont be a prize, only a kiss on the cheek from me... There is also a pictionary game, we could all get on discord and try and play it say... 20th Decmber at 7PM GMT?
I hope you guys find it fun and jolly!
EDIT: Everything is good now, the server is back up!

Hey everyone,

The server's facing temporary downtime currently due to issues restarting. It should be back up as soon as one of the admins can kill the hanging process and bring it back.

Our apologies for the inconvenience!

Hey all, dear westeroscrafters,

As you may have noticed, our precious test world is crowded and now a complete mess. Many areas are used to test for everything, sometimes with the permission of mods, sometimes not; there's a new habit to test for whole castles while we only ask for gradient/wall test; as our level of detailing and building and our inventory expand, we're creating more and more magnificent stuff; and the result is that we don't have any more space for anything.
As all plots are currently occupied, we need to create new ones. We could just move stuff nearby, and add a new row, and wait for them to be occupied, and start over, and over, but without resolving our main problem: we need larger plots!! :D

All this is to say that to get to this long-waited progression, we'll need the cooperation of everybody.
First, from now on to the moment everybody gets their larger plots, no permission will be granted to test outside of plots and playground (with the specificities of testing in playground).
Second, every test and creation in testworld, outside of plots (meaning, everywhere except plots: playground, testing areas, misc, etc.), will have to be tagged before Sunday 16th of September. From this date, they may be removed without any other warning. You may argue that the given period is short, but what is asking here as always been asked, and this is no news that you have to tag your builds.
Third, to simplify our work to make this transition faster and easier for everybody, we kindly request you to move ASAP every test and creation that is currently outside of your plot, playground or any allowed testing area (for example, OT and HG testing areas).

We will work as fast as possible to give you all new shiny large plots (i.e. 200x200), but the more you help us, the faster we can do it! :D

After this transition is made, no permission shall be granted to test outside of plots and playground.
Please, excuse us for the inconvenience cause during the...
The Kingsroad Starts Here
Join WesterosCraft without worrying about installing Java, Forge, or other mods.

I'm proud to announce the release of our new launcher. Developed using the latest technologies with a heavy emphasis on usability, the launcher aims to provide users with a seamless and downright elegant way to join WesterosCraft.

  • Full account management.
    • Add multiple accounts and easily switch between them.
    • Credentials are never stored and transmitted directly to Mojang.
  • Efficient asset management.
    • Receive client updates as soon as we release them.
    • Files are validated before launch. Corrupt or incorrect files will be redownloaded.
  • Powerful mod management.
  • ☕ Automatic Java validation.
    • If you have an incompatible version of Java installed, we'll install the right one for you.
    • You do not need to have Java installed to run the launcher.
  • News feed natively built into the launcher.
  • ⚙️ Intuitive settings management, including a Java control panel.
  • Supports all of our servers.
    • Switch between server configurations with ease.
    • View the player count of the selected server.
  • Automatic updates. That's right, the launcher updates itself.
  • View the status of Mojang's services.

Download Now from WesterosCraft.com/launcher.
If you are having any issues, check out our brief...​